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Things I'm Loving This Summer...


Summer for me started back on June 8th when I sat my last exam at sixth form. I had officially left full time education. With my summer starting so early, I have such a long period of time to do so many things. I've already been away to Rome with my friends which I talked about in my previous post but I'm now away in Florida with my family. I've already been soaking up the sun and eating as much food as humanly possible but I thought to why not share what I have been loving over summer so far.

The first thing I have been loving is my new suitcase which I actually picked up from TKmaxx. I couldn't not have a pretty white suitcase. I say pretty white... It is now an off white with black scratches all up it from being in the luggage hold... but it is still pretty in my eyes!

Another thing that I have been loving this summer is the Dr Paw Paw Original Multipurpose balm. The balm can be used literally anywhere, I've been using it on my lips after a day in the sun; on my eyebrows while I'm at the beach to keep them under control and even on patches of my sunburn (right down my nose) that otherwise stings with aftersun. This product has become a staple in my makeup bag.

Another thing that I have been loving this summer is the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette which I bought a while ago and had neglected because I am always buying new palettes. Then when I was packing for Rome I wanted a palette that was small but had a good mirror so I grabbed the Tarte palette forgetting how much I really loved it. Now I'm wearing it all of the time.

Another thing that I am loving this summer is Bandeau tops, specifically the ones from Toyshop. I have literally every single colour now because they are so easy to wear and go with everything! My favourite pairing has been with a denim skirt so I can show off my attempt at a sun tan!

Travel Diary | Rome '18


A little over two weeks ago now I flew out to Rome with a couple of my school friends. We stayed in an Air BnB which is something I've never done before, so I got to experience that! Throughout out stay in Rome we tried to visit as many different places/tourist attractions as possible. Like normal, when I've been away I like to post my favourite pictures on my blog from the trip. We even got to see the Pope... Not up close but from a distance. We still saw him though!!

- Abigail x

Leaving Full Time Education.


It has finally come to that time of year where exams have taken over my life (hence the blog taking a back seat). As of yesterday (25/05/18) I finished Sixth Form, so no more second year teaching for me. I have two exams left to sit now both in English Language.

However with half term now upon us I can take full advantage of an extra couple of hours where I would normally be chatting in class to write blog posts that I haven't had the opportunity to in what feels like forever! I thought coming back online I would start with what has prevented me from being online and talk about what college was like.

On a break from revision I went
for a walk around a lake
near my house and it is full of beautiful flowers.
I studied three subjects at sixth form: English Language, Medical Science and Health & Social Care. If you've been following my blog for a while then you will know that I am hoping to go to university in September and study to become a Children's Nurse which has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I might do a blog post soon talking about how I found this love and passion for wanting to care for other people because thats a whole other story.

When I first started college I loved all of my subjects, everything I did I enjoyed and I looked forward to going to class every week. As things started to get harder I started to struggle a lot more and wasn't seeing the outcome in my grades that I had wanted. I started to realise that the way I revised for GCSEs was not going to work for A-Levels and I took a new approach to learning everything.

I wrote a letter to myself after my AS exams last year because I felt like I had done absolutely terrible and it is saved as a draft blog post... Every time I started to feel as though I was struggling I would read this letter and it motivated me to work harder. I was very surprised at my AS grades because they were a lot higher than any grades I had had the whole year, one of my subjects increased by 3 whole grades which was ridiculous to me! I was so proud of myself for managing to set my mind on something and eventually achieve it and so I've tried to have the same mind set this year.

I've worked so hard towards my exams that I have had so far I just hope that this work pays off and I can get into university to pursue the dream I've always had.

Thank you to any of you that have stuck by me on this journey through my GCSEs and now my A Levels. Here's to you hopefully sticking around to find out if I get into university.

-Abigail x

February in Photographs.


I haven't done one of these posts in a long, long, long time but I was going through my camera roll late one evening looking at all my photographs and found so many things that had happened last month that I absolutely loved.

1st - I got up at silly o'clock to go for a walk around a lake local to me with my best friend.
6th - I finally got a Teddy Bear Coat
10th - I went for Brunch with some lovely bloggers.
17th - I went to my Bosses wedding in the countryside with some of the lovely ladies I work with.
27th - WE GOT SNOW

Sunset, Lake, Walk, Surrey
1st February
Fashion, Blogger, Teddy Bear,
6th February
Cappuccino, Blogger Brunch, Surrey, Cafe
10th February

Wedding ootd, wedding makeup, curly hair, White Blouse, Pink skirt
17th February
Hunters, Boots, snow, england
27th February
Snow, Berries, red, photography
28th February

- Abigail x

The Lexicon Bracknell - Fashion Trends for SS18*


Three weekends ago now I was invited to the new shopping centre over in Bracknell called 'The Lexicon' for brunch and a chat about the upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 Trends with some lovely bloggers.

We sat in Coffee Barker, the coolest place I've ever eaten in to have coffee and a chat. I learnt all about what the fashion trends are going to be such as the pastel colours on EVERYTHING! Imagine mint choc chip ice-cream or strawberry ice-cream colour on a little t-shirt. Already I want all of these clothes! One item of clothing I already have that will be perfect for an England spring is the trench coat. It is light enough for the potential warm weather but also keeps you dry if it rains. There are many other fashion trends too such as tailored denim, sheer tops/dresses.. sheer everything, slip dresses, pencil skirts and lots of primary colours! I also learnt all about how plastic is going to stay with us until SS18, ready for the festivals. We chatted away  about how to style all of these items and what would work best together. My favourites definitely have to be the pastel colours, the primary colours and definitely the pencil skirts because I love wearing skirts in the summer! We were given a voucher to spend called the 'Lexicon Gift Card' which can be used in pretty much all of the shops. There are so many different stores to chose from including the big department store Fenwicks which contains everything high end that your heart could desire! I picked up a few pieces from Topshop ready for spring focusing on the primary colours because I knew I could then pair these with bright items another time. 

I somehow stuck to blue and picked up a gorgeous Checked Frill Waist Mini Skirt* which was predominately white but had blue and red lines throughout to make it checked. It also as two gorgeous buttons at the top of it, which adds that little bit of extra detail. To go with this skirt I picked  out a blue (surprise surprise) cropped top*, which also had a slight frill in the sleeves and along the hem line. This featured the word dreamer across the left of the chest which was embroiled in some bright colours. After doing some shopping in Topshop I couldn't not head home without at least looking around Fenwick's. 'Accidentally' I picked up a new tube of my favourite Urban Decay Concealer* and finally the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation* so that I can try it out. 

The Lexicon has such a variety of shops that it would suit anyone and anyone. There is also lots of things to do there while you shop including: dining out, cocktails (Coffee Barker serves them in the evening, I need to go back!!) a cinema and so much more! 

At the moment there is a game over in 'Princess Square' called Beat The Clock where you have the chance to win from over 5,000 different discounts and prizes, to spend in all of the shops that they have available. If you are at The Lexicon then make sure you check it out because you never know what you might win, meaning you can head home with something amazing!

I am definitely going back to The Lexicon for my shopping now because of the wide variety of places to shop. If you want to find out more about The Lexicon you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I couldn't not have a Peach Bellini as a pitstop drink before heading home!

- Abigail x

So-Eco Brushes*


I am 'that' someone who always reaches for the same brushes every time they do their makeup. Adding new brushes into my routine is silly right? Especially when I know which brush does what and which brush goes in which colour? Well today was the day I tried out some new eyeshadow brushes to see if they could take over my everyday (probably overused) ones.

The two brushes I tried out were both from So-Eco who promote that their brushes are from eco friendly sources as well as being cruelty free - hence the name 'So-Eco'.

The first brush was the Eye Shading Brush* which is perfect for applying a base colour all over the lid and for cutting the crease! The bristles are so very soft that they glide across your eye without scratching or taking away any product. The brush I find, works better with powders than a cream eyeshadow but works very well with concealer. I don't know what it is but whenever I cut my crease with this brush it works perfectly every-time!

The second brush I have been using is the Angled Eyeliner Brush*. I struggle as it is to use a liquid eyeliner with a pen-like tip so I was curious to see how I would do with a liner brush. I sucked. I was terrible at applying liquid eyeliner with the brush because I don't have a steady enough hand. However, as soon as I swapped to a black eyeshadow it looked amazing. The bristles are packed together to create a small line which is angled and positioned in a way that means you can see what you are doing. 

Both brushes also have a precision comfort grip, which I think definitely helped with me being more accurate in where I wanted the brush to go each time. The Eye Shading Brush I have moved into my 'everyday makeup brushes pot' as it is so good at applying the perfect base! As much as I have loved getting to experiment with the Angled Eyeliner brush I am going to save that for going out instead of everyday use for now as I'm still not good at getting it perfect... after all practice does make perfect.

You can purchase So-Eco brushes from many places but the easiest is probably Amazon as they are available on prime!

-Abigail x

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