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The Next Chapter.


Unless you follow me on social media, you wouldn't know that next weekend I move into my university accommodation. I wrote a blog post back in May all about where I had been applying to, where I'd been interviewed for and also where I eventually got into! I was indecisive back then as to whether I wanted to go to Southampton University or Kings College London.

Opening my results was the scariest thing I have ever had to do. I had put a lot of pressure on myself because studying Paediatric Nursing has always been my dream and it was as though these grades got to decide for me.

I told my mum to wait downstairs while I opened up the school intranet, I couldn't have anyone around while I was waiting to find out! As soon as I saw the screen I was worried I had picked something wrong..

I had gotten exactly the grades that were required and was accepted into both my first and second choice universities. I remember starting to cry and shout for my mum, who at first was worried my results weren't as we had hoped because of my reaction!

So I guess I'm off to The University of Southampton! Next weekend when you're reading this (the 22nd of September) I will finally be settling into my halls ready to start that next chapter in my life.

Although a lot of what has been on my blog before has all been beauty or fashion with a slice of lifestyle and travel, I'm going to throw another category in there and create some content about applying to university, nursing and all the strange and wonderful things I encounter over the next 3 years!

I hope you've had a lovely summer and if you're back at school now then the best of luck!

- Abigail x

Travel Diary | New Jersey'18


If you haven't already read my blog post about my trip away this summer then you wouldn't know that while I was out in Florida I booked a surprise trip up to New Jersey to see Chloe, who I have infact surprised before.

This time I truly thought Chloe had caught on and would be suspecting that I would surprise her because we'd been talking for months about me flying up. Originally I was going to fly straight from London to New Jersey for Chloe's graduation party (without her knowing of course, who doesn't love a surprise!!) but when the flights doubled in price that plan soon changed! So last minute why not book a cheap flight with United up there!

We departed 2 hours late, oh boy do I love when planes have technical faults and they have to change the parts. Definitely puts me at ease for the whole flight! After sitting on the plane for quite some time before departing I was starting to get desperate to use the ladies. As soon as the seatbelt sign went off I was ready to leap out of my seat to go.... Except the two gentlemen in the middle and the aisle had both fallen into a deep sleep and I felt too bad waking them up. So for the whole, 2 hours 58 minute flight through storms... I sat crossed legged hoping for the best. You can imagine I ran like my life depended on it off that flight.

After getting to Chloe's house quite late I was worried she would be asleep now it was a lot later than expected. When I walked in Clifford and Bailey (Chloe's Dogs) knew who I was instantly and were both excited to see me. When I walked around the corner Chloe was sat in her Pj's watching the telly with her cup of tea. She was shocked to say the least. I had a lovely time in New Jersey, getting to see the beach, where Chloe is going to university, one of Chloe's friends Graduation parties and the biggest milkshake, candy extravaganza you ever would have seen!

As always here are all of my favourite photos from my mini trip away!

-Abigail x

Travel Diary | Florida'18


What now seems like yesterday was actually a rather long time ago. Back at the beginning of July I flew out to Florida with my step-dad right before the rest of the family turned up two weeks later. During that time we explored many more beaches than usual and went on a boat tour called 'The Jungle Queen' getting to see the incredible houses. How the other half live!

When the rest of the family turned up my best friend Chloe's (who I've mentioned on my blog a few times) parents were also in town so they come over to dinner at our house. While sat with them I was talking about how much I missed Chloe who hadn't been able to make the trip down due to work and the idea that I wouldn't see her again for quite a long time stuck in my head. Well if you've read my blog for a while now then you will know that I'm rather fond of surprising her. So while sat there I booked a flight to go and stay with her the following week.

I spent the next couple of days sunbathing, shopping and eating food before it was time to go and fly up to see Chloe. I don't know how, but I did manage to surprise her for a long weekend up in New Jersey, which was absolutely lovely. I was over the moon to get to see her before we both went off to university in September.... You can read more about that trip Here!

Anyway once I was back in Florida I had a day left to top up my tan before flying back to the UK. As always with my trips I love to share my favourite photographs here on my blog.... If you don't follow me on instagram then you may to have seen my highlight on my page which shows you all the random, un-edited things I got up to. You can follow me Here!

Things I'm Loving This Summer...


Summer for me started back on June 8th when I sat my last exam at sixth form. I had officially left full time education. With my summer starting so early, I have such a long period of time to do so many things. I've already been away to Rome with my friends which I talked about in my previous post but I'm now away in Florida with my family. I've already been soaking up the sun and eating as much food as humanly possible but I thought to why not share what I have been loving over summer so far.

The first thing I have been loving is my new suitcase which I actually picked up from TKmaxx. I couldn't not have a pretty white suitcase. I say pretty white... It is now an off white with black scratches all up it from being in the luggage hold... but it is still pretty in my eyes!

Another thing that I have been loving this summer is the Dr Paw Paw Original Multipurpose balm. The balm can be used literally anywhere, I've been using it on my lips after a day in the sun; on my eyebrows while I'm at the beach to keep them under control and even on patches of my sunburn (right down my nose) that otherwise stings with aftersun. This product has become a staple in my makeup bag.

Another thing that I have been loving this summer is the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette which I bought a while ago and had neglected because I am always buying new palettes. Then when I was packing for Rome I wanted a palette that was small but had a good mirror so I grabbed the Tarte palette forgetting how much I really loved it. Now I'm wearing it all of the time.

Another thing that I am loving this summer is Bandeau tops, specifically the ones from Toyshop. I have literally every single colour now because they are so easy to wear and go with everything! My favourite pairing has been with a denim skirt so I can show off my attempt at a sun tan!

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