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Healthy fruit smoothie!

Hi guys! 
Here is another little DIY, but this time it is edible:)
I'm going to show you how to make two quick fruit smoothies from scratch!

You will need:
- Strawberries- 25g
-Milk (I used semi-skimmed)-150ml
-Chocolate (optional)-4 cubes
1) Start by measuring out all your ingridients and then washing them
2) Next put the raspberries and blueberries into a bowl, and on a chopping board start to cut up your strawberries and place them in another bowl. When cutting them up slice one strawberry very finely and put to one side!
3) Measure out your milk to 150ml in a measuring jug, then add your fruit in as well!

4) Now start to blend together the ingridients.

5) Once fully blended, put your chocolate cubes in a bowl and melt in a microwave, for approximately 1 minuite. When you take it out, mix it and then if it isn't gooey then melt for a further 30 seconds, but don't burn the chocolate!!!!  Then drizzle the melted chocolate over the strawberry you sliced up at the beging. Then pour your smoothie into a glass and drop the strawberry on top.

6) This is a recipe for two smoothies, so split the mixture evenly!

^ Mine is the neater one;)
7) Then add accessories to your drink I added a long spoon and a windmill from waitrose!

Thanks guys,
Love you all xox

Also a big thank you to Gremlin ( MY BESTFRIENDS ONLINE NAME) who helped me make the smoothie and let me steal her kitchen:) love you x


DIY- colourful house key!

Hi guys!
So today I am going to show you how to be creative and express yourself in your own way! You can go into shops in your town centre and buy a design on your house key but this can cost a lot of money! So here I have done a way which is free! Well in a way;) if you are a girl then I can guarantee you already have all of this! Boys you might have to visit your mums beauty bag!

You will need:
~A key
~plastercine or blue tac
~nail varnish 
I am using the Barry m high shine nail paint in blueberry 334
~ a top coat(clear or sparkly)
I am using the pure ice, in the colour spot fire
(All shown below)
1. First of all roll your plastercine into a ball and push your key into it as if it was going into a door! Then on the front and back paint a coat over the flat part of your key with the main colour.

2. Wait for this to dry, before applying a second coat! If you think it isn't dark enough for your liking add a third coat... But don't add a fourth because the paint will become supeeeeeer thick and come off easily!

3. Once the second coat has dried apply a thin layer of your top coat if it's sparkly or a thick layer if it is clear!

4. Now your key is complete! Use this on many different keys, or in your own way! You may like to try a pattern, or different colours!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you liked this! 

See you soon xo


25 facts about me!

Hi guys! 
So basically I decided to start writing a blog just about random things I do, and the trips I go on! I'm quite creative and am always trying new things and I hope to introduce them to you! 

I decided in my first post you guys should learn something's about me... So here goes!

1. I love mint choc chip ice cream

2. I love the sunshine

3. I do have an obsession with one direction

4. As well as you tubers

5.  I have the most amazing friends.

6. I do my friends and family's hair and make-up.. But I'm always to scared to share it with anyone;)

7. I am addicted to twitter

8. My favourite sweets are fruitella

9. I have naturally curly hair

10.  I have a habit of biting my nails

11. I'm one of six children.. Kind of I have a brother 2 step-brothers and 2 half brothers

12. I live in England

13.  I'm a bubbly person

14. I'm creative

15. People probably describe me as weird...

16. I'm currently taking my GCSE s

17. I chew the end of my pen when thinking (but doesn't everyone?)

18. I may be getting older but I still love eeyore and have about 5000 mugs;)

19. My favourite tv programme is... I don't even know I watch too much

20. My favourite movie is scary movie

21. I hate chocolate cake.

22. I have double jointed hands (including fingers and wrists)

23. I love shopping.

24. I really want pet guinea pigs:(

25. I own too many clothes of which half I don't wear,

Thank you for reading my first blog post even if it is crazy, and I'm just weird:) I hope you come back again to read more of my crazy stories:)
This is me...:
( You were probably expecting an image how ever my blog is going to be anonymous in a way because I don't want people from my school e.t.c reading this because it is a secret?! I hope you understand!)


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