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25 facts about me!

Hi guys! 
So basically I decided to start writing a blog just about random things I do, and the trips I go on! I'm quite creative and am always trying new things and I hope to introduce them to you! 

I decided in my first post you guys should learn something's about me... So here goes!

1. I love mint choc chip ice cream

2. I love the sunshine

3. I do have an obsession with one direction

4. As well as you tubers

5.  I have the most amazing friends.

6. I do my friends and family's hair and make-up.. But I'm always to scared to share it with anyone;)

7. I am addicted to twitter

8. My favourite sweets are fruitella

9. I have naturally curly hair

10.  I have a habit of biting my nails

11. I'm one of six children.. Kind of I have a brother 2 step-brothers and 2 half brothers

12. I live in England

13.  I'm a bubbly person

14. I'm creative

15. People probably describe me as weird...

16. I'm currently taking my GCSE s

17. I chew the end of my pen when thinking (but doesn't everyone?)

18. I may be getting older but I still love eeyore and have about 5000 mugs;)

19. My favourite tv programme is... I don't even know I watch too much

20. My favourite movie is scary movie

21. I hate chocolate cake.

22. I have double jointed hands (including fingers and wrists)

23. I love shopping.

24. I really want pet guinea pigs:(

25. I own too many clothes of which half I don't wear,

Thank you for reading my first blog post even if it is crazy, and I'm just weird:) I hope you come back again to read more of my crazy stories:)
This is me...:
( You were probably expecting an image how ever my blog is going to be anonymous in a way because I don't want people from my school e.t.c reading this because it is a secret?! I hope you understand!)

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