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DIY- colourful house key!

Hi guys!
So today I am going to show you how to be creative and express yourself in your own way! You can go into shops in your town centre and buy a design on your house key but this can cost a lot of money! So here I have done a way which is free! Well in a way;) if you are a girl then I can guarantee you already have all of this! Boys you might have to visit your mums beauty bag!

You will need:
~A key
~plastercine or blue tac
~nail varnish 
I am using the Barry m high shine nail paint in blueberry 334
~ a top coat(clear or sparkly)
I am using the pure ice, in the colour spot fire
(All shown below)
1. First of all roll your plastercine into a ball and push your key into it as if it was going into a door! Then on the front and back paint a coat over the flat part of your key with the main colour.

2. Wait for this to dry, before applying a second coat! If you think it isn't dark enough for your liking add a third coat... But don't add a fourth because the paint will become supeeeeeer thick and come off easily!

3. Once the second coat has dried apply a thin layer of your top coat if it's sparkly or a thick layer if it is clear!

4. Now your key is complete! Use this on many different keys, or in your own way! You may like to try a pattern, or different colours!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you liked this! 

See you soon xo


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