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A little trip!

Heey guyyyys!

So today I thought to bring you guys along with me on my journey to Guildford... To go shopping with one of my best friends, cayetana! I've also persuaded her to start a blog:) so I'll leave a link at the bottom.

After a early start we were already running late to get the 9:39 train, this wasn't actually my fault it was cayetanas as she was still in bed at 9! My mum was home from shopping and bought me and cayetana little Easter present! She's so lovely: 
Creme eggs are my all time favourite candy, and then it's full of orange and white fondant so it's like heaven in one thing! But I still love milky bars just because it's white chocolate!

We finally got the train at 10:09 after doodling around and buying starbucks 
My mocha frapucino! I'm currently typing this on the train their so i can upload it for you tonight so sorry about the errors but it's a bit bumpyyyyyy!

We always go to Guildford because the shopping centre (friary centre) is much better than where we live so we like to go a lot! 

We arrived in guilford after an hour journey, and we headed straight to primark, followed by this cute shop that I don't know the name(sorry;() and there was a little Easter hunt where you find the eggs and win a prize! Obviously we entered and won this: 

We carried on shopping till about one when we headed to nandos! I had the chilli chicken wrap and chips.... this is my all time favourite dish shhh..

We headed over to lush next and I bought my favourite at Easter time golden egg! 
It smells amazing and makes the water really sparkly!

I bought this and a few others! Now we are heading home, and I bought some cute chocolate with bunnies in milk and white chocolate! 
I know this was probably really boring but I felt like doing something different in the middle of due uploads!

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