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Eos lip balm review!

EOS lip balm review!
Hellooooooo people of the universe!
I wasn't quite sure what to do this week, but i needed something slightly simple because of exams going on and revision! I wanted to do something with beauty because so far I haven't really. This has been typed in so many different places over the week, from walking to school, to eating my lunch, but you will never know!
As you can probably tell from the title ( because I know everyone has an ounce of smartness) that this is a review on eos lip balms. The lip balms where a big craze in 2013/2014 because of beauty gyros buying them and rating them to the outside world. however they could of been sponsored, you just might not have realised. However all the opinion included are my own, and i purchased all these products. I like all these products for different reasons, and dislike some,  but you will have to keep reading to find out why! Down below you will find 7 different scents, however there may be more, i just haven't purchased them all!
(I was taking the photo's for my blog, and lined my eos up,
and i thought it looked cool so dont judge me!)
Sweet mint:
The first in my hand is the turquoise colour, well its kind of a minty green colour but i didn't want to give the flavour away straight away. So the first one is in the scent mint. Myself and my mum believe that if you apply this twice over your lips then it makes them feel more plumped than they are. I would recommend this product to anyone who has issues with self confidence because you can feel like you can hide behind this and people wont realise. Really you are just using a great lip balm, that makes me feel more refreshed throughout the day.

Summer fruits:
Next  is one that is really red! Its like a tomato red ( that's how my friend Aliana calls it! She is a smiley cute Asian from the Philippians and you should follow her on twitter: @yanna_smiles !) This is summer fruits and it smells like strawberries and raspberries mixed with sugar, because of its very sweet scent. I find this the most moisturising out of all the ones i have because my lips always feel very smooth!
Lemon Drop:
The next one is coloured bright yellow, but not so bright that it is neon. It is called lemon drop, however I believe it should be lemon meringue pie! This is near the top of my favourites because of its smell. It reminds me of baking, and i find it ticks all the boxes. As well as its amazing smell it also contains SPF 15, so i like to use it when at the beach because my lips are protected as well as smelling good!
Strawberry sorbet:
Next is a baby pink colour. It is called strawberry sorbet, and fits the name perfectly! it smells like fresh home made ice-cream. I usually wear this one over the top or underneath my lipstick because i find it helps to keep it on longer. However that may work for them all. Also it gives a nice glossy finish so it looks lovely over the top of lipstick.
Pomegranate and Raspberry:
This one is coloured as a mix between red and pink, but more towards the red. Its called Pomegranate and raspberry, and it is exactly that, but i believe it needs more of a creative name like the others! That is really my own criticism because it smells like an innocent smoothie! This one also has quite a nice taste( I know i shouldn't eat them but when i like my lips, it just tastes amazing!!) I wear this mostly to bed because i find it stays on quite long.
 The next on my list is blue and smells like berrys. Please tell me you guessed what it is! It is blueberry, in case you didn't realise from my slight hints. This is towards the bottom of my list because i don't find the smell that appealing. I know they are lip balms, but i find the smell artificial and not as nice as i expected. I had read online some reviews of the product, (I checked them all out before buying because i had no clue which i wanted) and everyone said it smells amazing but it wasn't for me. But on the positive side it is quite a cool colour!
This is my final lip balm and it is the one I'm most disappointed in. It is an okay colour, being a baby green, but it isn't very... 'pick me up' of the shelf colour. This doesn't smell of honeysuckle at all, it smells like grass.. which sounds crazy but i believe it does! I bought this thinking, honey is good for the skin, so it would be good for my lips but I don't believe it does anything special. It just adds a slight gloss look with a weird smell!
I  would highly recommend all Eos to different types of people. Whether your lips are dry, or you have no self confidence, try eos and you will never go back! I also love the fact, you don't have to stick your finger in to apply it, like some lip balms, because if your on the go, you are stuck with it n your hands with no where to wipe it!
I bought my eos from walmart when on holiday in America. I believe i bought them for $2.70 each, Click here to go straight to the walmart website! . However if you are in the United Kingdom like i am now, you can get them for £5.10. Click here to go straight to the amazon website! You may know somewhere cheaper, so leave a comment to help others if you do!
If you where wondering which you probably weren't i rook my photos ontop of this quote heart!
Thanks for checking out this weeks post, i hope you liked something different. I might do a look book, or make-up tutorial for next week i haven't decided yet!


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