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Lip addict tag!

Heyyy guys&gals (:

I have decided that this week I would do a make-up tag, this is to kick off some make up tutorials in the next up-coming weeks! The tag I'm going to do is the lip addict tag, because if you've seen my post on a e.o.s review, I love lots of things for my lips! I know I say this a lot but I just want to say thank you, I really feel that when I type my blog, that I can escape and I love that people actually read it. Just so you know, I may have added a couple of my own questions in because I had more than one

1)  Favourite balm/ Treatment?

My favourite lip balm is clearly my e.o.s in mint, but because I've alreadyr aged about them so much I decided to chose another. My favourite balm for a glossy look, is from the body shop and it's a born lippy in the flavour watermelon. I love this because it makes it look shiney, and smells like watermelon. Not only this but it also tastes like watermelon! However because you have to put your finger in the pot, your then left with a sticky finger and this annoys me!!

2) What is your favourite tinted lip balm?
My favourite tinted lip balm, is made by dirty works. It is called cherry kiss, and comes in a pack with a coconut one, however I dislike the scent of it! The hint is in the name, it gives your lips a slight red tint, so it's easy for a quick subtle look. I also like the scent, it smells like ( looks like a freak sniffing lip balms) glacier cherries. I also love the deep rosé colour.

3) What is your favourite eye catching red?
My favourite eye catching red, is a high end product. It is made by Clinique and is in the shade 13 flamenco. It comes out as a very vibrant red, and I like to wear it on special occasions, because my  mum, says that red lips, brings out brown eyes, so I like to wear it! Also it stays on better than my mac lipsticks, and gives a glossy finish.

4) Best mac lipstick?
My best and most favourite mac lipstick, was featured in my May favourites. It is the creme sheen
Speak louder. It is a lovely deep pink shade. It is quite glossy and leaves my lips feeling, so nice. However I find it is too deep, so I add a clear Clinique goss over the top, to reduce the colour. I wear this lipstick quite often, when I'm going out.

5)  Most disappointing product.
I actually don't have a disappointing product, but to chose one would be, the dirty works lip balm. It is in the flavour coconut. This is because it is in a white colour and it does this as a tint to my lips and I dislike this. I'm not that disappointed however because it does moisturise my lips.

6) Lipliner- yes or no?
I find that Lipliner takes over my look. Because I wear dark lipstick I don't like to wear lip liner with it because I feel like I'm over doing the look. I also don't wear lip liner, with gloss, because then I feel like I, over doing the look again! Basically lip-liner, doesn't suit me!,

7) Favourite gloss?
Apart from a normal clear gloss or a tanya burr, because so many people rave about them AND THEY ARE AMAZING! I chose my gloss from sephora. It is the shade precious pink, mad is a very baby pink colour, with lots of sparkles! I love this when I have smokey eyes, because then all the focus is on your eyes because they stand out the most!

8) Something else?
My something else is a lipstick from Clinique! I can't find it right now because, it is at my dad's house... and I'm currently at my mums.. I would show you a picture but I cant(( insert cry laughing face from an iPhone)) it comes in a pink tube and is a medium pink colour, with lots of moisture! That is the main reason I love it, is the fact it is so moisturising!

9) The best luxury and drugstore product?
My best luxury and drugstore product isn't acctually that luxury it's just amazing! It is made by natural collection, and exclusive range made for boots When I was first getting in to make-up, I bought this as a new bolder colour. It only cost £2.99, but is a lovely colour. However it only lasts a maximum of 4 hours :(!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks post, because I felt like doing something different! please comment below if there is anything you'd like to see me do! 


May favourites!

Hey peopleee!

I've decided that I'm going to do a May favourites! I have an obsession with a lot of things, and I love lots of things! my favourites are going to consist of food, make-up, clothes and many other weird things! I would quickly like to apologise for not posting last week but it was half term, and I was away so I had no wifi! Let's get started!

The first on my favourites is my mac lipstick! My lipstick is a cremesheen in the colour speak louder. It's a lovely pinky red shade, that is lovely in the evenings or for posh meals. I bought mine in America from a Dillards store, and it cost me $18. 

My next favourite is a palette I bought. The palette has 120 colours and a variety of colours. The colours consist of browns, purples, nudes, pinks, greens, blues, oranges and yellows. The palette is called a jazooli premium makeup. I like creating lots of different looks with this. ( I will post some tutorials soon!) it was very cheap because they are simple at only £5 reduced from £15.99!!

Also on my favourites list this month is fairy lights! I love fairy lights so much it's acctually funny! I have got my mum addicted to them as well! I have 2 sets, one is just a string of 40 led lights, and my others are heart shaped with patterns over them! I can't remember where I got them though sorry! 

My next favourite is a programme. A girl that I go to school with recommended a series in Netflix! I'm only on season 1, episode 12! I will sit and watch it for hours on end. It is basically about a 'person' that writes a blog about all the secrets at their school. However I don't know if you find out or not! It also tells the story of high school students and their life.

My next favourite is a little wooden box from primark! It is shaped like a heart, and fits my rings and bracelets in! The box was only about, £3.50 I think from my memory... but is cute and adds a girly theme to your room!

Another of my makeup favourites is an essie nail varnish! It is in the colour lilacism, but comes out slightly blue compared to purples i noramlly wear. I like this because the only blue colours I wear are Barry m jelly! The colour is so sweet and is on my nails in this photo!

I listen to so much music that I decided to include a song favourite, and as you may know if you've read my 25 facts about me ( click here if you want to!) then you will know I love one direction... however I'm not including one about them!! This months song is Dangerous by The vamps, and I think it's a really catchy song, that makes you want to jump and dance around! 

Finally, my favourite food of the month is coconut dreams! The name sounds weird, but they taste amazing!!! It is basically a biscuit covered in chocolate mixed with coconut, fudge and caramel, so it has an amazing texture and just tastes so amazing, that I can't even describe it!! 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this weird post! Leave a comment down below if you want to see more favourites, or any make up looks/tips I use!


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