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My fluff ball :)

Helllooooo my chubby squishy hamesters!


This week I thought why not talk about one of my favourite things! No it's not something you can copy or have, because it is a ball of fur. Yes a ball of fluffy cuteness!

This creature is my cat. I have always loved cats because I grew up with two cats one named Molly and one Ben/benny, however Ben passed away in 2008 I think and Molly in 2012:(

Since then I have always wanted to get a cat of my own... So in about 2010 I went with my mum and choose a kitten. 

Here he is on his first Christmas at home:

My cat is a cross bread between a load of things that I should know but don't...;)
His name is Monty because he has like an M in his fur on his head and so I felt it was appropriate, unlike my brother who at the time was obsessed with Ben 10 and wanted to call him Ben 10!?

 The M in his head:

Monty went from being an indoors cat that liked snuggles and sharing my bed, to an adventurous outdoors cat that loved catching mice and frogs! However recently he's becoming more of an indoors cat because he now love's sleeping on my bed all the time and leaving a furry mess!

However I'm useless at feeding my cat(HE DOES GET FED BEFORE YOU THINK IM A BAD PERSON), because either I'm doing something. Or he just comes home and meows so I owe it all to my mum and stepdad for helping me care for my fluff ball<3

Thank you for reading this post, I apologise for not posting much but I've been flying and driving all over the world! And there is more to come on that! So keep your eyes open for them!

psttt, secretly I think Monty thinks he's a model!

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