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the pointless book meet up!

heellllooo guys!

Soooo this is something amazing that happened that hasn't quite sunk in yet and still needs to and I can't get over I'm just going to start it!

On Saturday the 6th of September I got up super early( mainly because I couldn't sleep) and caught the train to London. Once in London we got the underground to piccadily and made our way over to waterstones. When we got there the queue was HUGEE and much bigger than we anticipated! We joined the queue  and started to wait!

After queueing for one hour we got told the first 800 people where only aloud in and the rest of us where told to leave.... however myself and Gremlin (MY BESTFRIENDS ONLINE NAME) knew better and waited it out until we got to the cut off point. Alfie then drove past with zoe and a lot of people left the queue meaning we could move forward because we weren't silly enough to bang on the windows and stop them getting past. By this time there was still a lot of people in front of us and we where starting to think that we'd never get in. However the next thing we knew was Dom had arrived and most of the people ran from the queue infront of us and we used this chance to move into the gap.

We finally reached the last corner and they said you'd only meet alfie if you had a ticket, but once again we didn't listen and kept queuing! We got to the entrance and by this time I was so happy even though I knew there was a chance I wouldn't meet alfie! We got to the door and they let in Gremlin (MY BESTFRIENDS ONLINE NAME) without a ticket and they wouldn't let me in, however using doggy eyes and pleading they let me in as well!:)

Once inside we had to queue for another hour! We had already queued for 6 hours and we final where getting closer! After purchasing the book ( I bought it there because in the terms and conditions they said that if you bought it their there is more chance of meeting alfie than bringing a book already, however on the day this rule clearly was ignored:( ) Then after queuing for a long time, and making new friends we where nearly there!

I filmed a lot of the footage however that obviously can't be put on a blog so I'm going to include the best photos I took here:

Once alfie signed our books Gremlin (HER ONLINE NAME) asked him for a high five and he replied with "my hands are a bit sweaty though!" so she high fives him, then I asked for a high five and he goes, "you can but excuse my sweaty hands!"

A lot more happened but my fingers hurt from typing because I've just finished an essay for English as well :( But I will leave with this message for alfie for if in a million years he saw this:

Hi alfie!!
I just want to say thank you so much for seeing as many of us as you could it was so kind of you, even if it meant only seeing you for a minuite, I was still eternally grateful! I hope you got my letter and you read it and therefore I won't have to explain everything I did in there here! but thank you so much your an inspiration I love you <3


p.s If you're wondering I wore the outift below and it was from:
Kimono- next
Vest top- Next
Jeggings- Primark!
Shoes- converse
Nails- Nails inc- Tate


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