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My favourite nail art designs at the moment!

Helloo everyone,
I am sorry that no post went up on Wednesday but i have had such a hectic week, because of more exams and so much home learning :( And then last night (Friday) I was hosting a Halloween party, and there will be a tutorial on this and costume ideas next week hopefully! So today I have managed to sit down and pick up my laptop and type away a post that I am very excited to do. This is because I love doing nail art and painting my nails whenever I can to match different outfits, I think its like a bonus accessory if you like!
So my first nail varnish creation nail art weird thing as I would call it is going to have my Nails inc. colour in 'Tate' as the base colour. Then (PICTURED AT THE BOTTOM) I took my nails supreme nail art pen and created stripes across the top of the red on my ruby ring finger. I love this look around this time because we are leading up to Christmas 2 MONTHS TODAY YIPPEE and the gold is just sparkly and cute and I just love it!
Nails inc. London- 'Tate'
The finished look.
My next weird creation design thingy mabob, is created with the No7 stay perfect, ultra gloss finish in 'Tangy 220'. I am quite literally obsessed with this colour you could say because I love the way it looks and it looks so nice with a black and white outfit. So to change up this I did white polka dots on my ruby ring finger again. This is also called an accent nail and well I think it really can change a look!
No7 'Tangy 220' ft my monster sticker :)
The finished look.
Next i created a nail design thing, with my Barry m gelly hi-shine in Blueberry 344. I really would recommend these nail varnishes to anyone that likes a good finish. However I find they take quite a while to dry because it is gelly but I don't mind because I love the look after. To change this up  used my dark blue nails supreme art pen and did a flower on my accent nail.
Barry M Gelly hi-shine 'Blueberry 344'
The finished look.
I'm nearly there but next i created a design using my nail varnish that i bought in a store in Spain. I cant remember the name of the store but I do know it was a make-up shop. The nail varnish that I used as the base is made by Rare and is in the colour 011 strawberry milkshake. I love the colour of this as well as the name! To change up this design I painted my accent nail plain sparkly silver, as this makes the pattern more glamorous!
Rare nails '011 Strawberry Milkshake'
The finished look.
Finally i created a design using my Rimmel London Space dust nail varnish in '006 Moon Walking'. This colour is lovely and sparkly however I really recommend wearing a base coat because other wise it is very tricky to get off and can leave stains on your nails of purple. To change up this look I then painted my accent nail in just my Nails supreme purple, so as if it was back to front.
Rimmel London space dust 'Moon Walking 006'
The finished look.
I hope you guys enjoyed my current favourite nail looks, and that you like them and you want try them out as well! If you do then leave a comment below and link me to a social networking site that you have posted it on! Or email me under the contact tab above! ( )
These are my Nail Supreme nail art pens, and I bought them from Camden Market and they were £20!


Spain part two!


Helloooo my muffin tins!?

Here is my second spanish holiday, but this time I went with my family ( My mum, step-dad, step brother x2, and my brother) 

We flew into Alicante airport and Stayed in a little villa that we stayed in last year and was amazing! This was obviously a good thing because we knew all the good restaurants and had some amazing food! the weird pot shaped thing was a white chocolate yoghurt with a pistachio cremé at the bottom, and it was abosoloutly Devine!

I had a lovely time on this holiday and if you have any questions on either of my spain holidays then leave a comment at the very bottom!

I hope you've enjoyed two of my holiday, I did however go to Cornwall but I didn't take very many photos so they will be in a post in the future! However next week is a party make-up tutorial for a meal out then a sleepover! So it should be exciting!??


Spain part one!



That was appropriate because this is one of my Spain holiday post thing stuff things! I went on three holidays this summer and Spain was one of them! This holiday I drove (NOT ME MY FRIENDS DAD) to France then on to her flat in Barcelona then onto her house in tarragona I think?!?

We where in Spain for 2 weeks and I had a lovely time^ you can probably see from the photos above! But going on holiday with my best friend was the best thing ever! We did some weird silly stuff and some amazing stuff! One of the things we did was go canoeing, and this was really funny because I am very competitive and everything was a race or competition. I was going to write about my favourite memory but I loved every second from canoeing to walking down the lanes to eating at different places and trying weird foods!

We ate some amazing food and I tried foods that I normally don't like such as: chocos, lobster, octopus and some other food that I can't remember..... (Monkey covering eyes emoji here)

I just want to say a very massive thank you to Gremlin ( Her code
name for online because I don't want to give it away!) for taking me because I had a lovely time and  it was amazing. Love you gremlin!


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