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Spain part one!



That was appropriate because this is one of my Spain holiday post thing stuff things! I went on three holidays this summer and Spain was one of them! This holiday I drove (NOT ME MY FRIENDS DAD) to France then on to her flat in Barcelona then onto her house in tarragona I think?!?

We where in Spain for 2 weeks and I had a lovely time^ you can probably see from the photos above! But going on holiday with my best friend was the best thing ever! We did some weird silly stuff and some amazing stuff! One of the things we did was go canoeing, and this was really funny because I am very competitive and everything was a race or competition. I was going to write about my favourite memory but I loved every second from canoeing to walking down the lanes to eating at different places and trying weird foods!

We ate some amazing food and I tried foods that I normally don't like such as: chocos, lobster, octopus and some other food that I can't remember..... (Monkey covering eyes emoji here)

I just want to say a very massive thank you to Gremlin ( Her code
name for online because I don't want to give it away!) for taking me because I had a lovely time and  it was amazing. Love you gremlin!

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