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My favourite nail art designs at the moment!

Helloo everyone,
I am sorry that no post went up on Wednesday but i have had such a hectic week, because of more exams and so much home learning :( And then last night (Friday) I was hosting a Halloween party, and there will be a tutorial on this and costume ideas next week hopefully! So today I have managed to sit down and pick up my laptop and type away a post that I am very excited to do. This is because I love doing nail art and painting my nails whenever I can to match different outfits, I think its like a bonus accessory if you like!
So my first nail varnish creation nail art weird thing as I would call it is going to have my Nails inc. colour in 'Tate' as the base colour. Then (PICTURED AT THE BOTTOM) I took my nails supreme nail art pen and created stripes across the top of the red on my ruby ring finger. I love this look around this time because we are leading up to Christmas 2 MONTHS TODAY YIPPEE and the gold is just sparkly and cute and I just love it!
Nails inc. London- 'Tate'
The finished look.
My next weird creation design thingy mabob, is created with the No7 stay perfect, ultra gloss finish in 'Tangy 220'. I am quite literally obsessed with this colour you could say because I love the way it looks and it looks so nice with a black and white outfit. So to change up this I did white polka dots on my ruby ring finger again. This is also called an accent nail and well I think it really can change a look!
No7 'Tangy 220' ft my monster sticker :)
The finished look.
Next i created a nail design thing, with my Barry m gelly hi-shine in Blueberry 344. I really would recommend these nail varnishes to anyone that likes a good finish. However I find they take quite a while to dry because it is gelly but I don't mind because I love the look after. To change this up  used my dark blue nails supreme art pen and did a flower on my accent nail.
Barry M Gelly hi-shine 'Blueberry 344'
The finished look.
I'm nearly there but next i created a design using my nail varnish that i bought in a store in Spain. I cant remember the name of the store but I do know it was a make-up shop. The nail varnish that I used as the base is made by Rare and is in the colour 011 strawberry milkshake. I love the colour of this as well as the name! To change up this design I painted my accent nail plain sparkly silver, as this makes the pattern more glamorous!
Rare nails '011 Strawberry Milkshake'
The finished look.
Finally i created a design using my Rimmel London Space dust nail varnish in '006 Moon Walking'. This colour is lovely and sparkly however I really recommend wearing a base coat because other wise it is very tricky to get off and can leave stains on your nails of purple. To change up this look I then painted my accent nail in just my Nails supreme purple, so as if it was back to front.
Rimmel London space dust 'Moon Walking 006'
The finished look.
I hope you guys enjoyed my current favourite nail looks, and that you like them and you want try them out as well! If you do then leave a comment below and link me to a social networking site that you have posted it on! Or email me under the contact tab above! ( )
These are my Nail Supreme nail art pens, and I bought them from Camden Market and they were £20!

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    1. So do I! its one of my favourite colours, but I love to experiment with the nail designs!!


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