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Why do i use make-up?

Hey guys!
So many of you are probably slightly confused by the title and so was I when I first wrote it. However now that I've started typing, and my fingers are tapping away I cant stop so I apologise if this is very long, but it is my opinion and how I feel and more!

I started wearing make-up in year seven, which is the beginning of secondary school. However this was something simple like a mascara or a translucent powder. This was on/off depending on when I got up(me being a lazy year seven sleeping until 7am this wasn't often!!). It was all just for fun and because I was thinking well why not experiment with different things. However as my skin grew worse and worse I started getting comments off of people, about how I looked and it really put my self-esteem down.

I have quite spotty skin and I have tried so many different face washes and cleansers and everything under the sun but I can never find things that can work. The only way I can clear up part of my skin is by staying in the sun for at least 3 weeks and it finally starts to clear up. However even if I only have one or two spots I still feel very self conscious.

And then as I started year 9 I was fed up of these comments and started to wear more and more make-up. I knew at the time that this was bad for my skin but I kept doing it because it was something to hide behind. Something to help me feel as though I could fit in and be normal for once. As the year went on I started to wear and apply more types of make-up and it just became a chore for me to do. When year 9 ended I really wasn't confident unless I had on my make-up which I could hide behind. Starting in year ten the September just gone, I felt like unless I would keep on wearing this make-up everyone would still make comments about me and upset me... So when I went back to school, I not only was wearing powder, but also foundation, concealer, mascara and I really tried to hide.

I was finally happy because I felt like now people couldn't judge me. Until today. Two people in the space of one hour asked me why am I wearing make-up? and told me that I was wearing to much make up this then upset me and I felt like crying because make-up was my way of hiding but it apparently wasn't working. Its not like my foundation is the wrong colour because it is matched to my skin by the number 7 machine thingymobob!

Now I really don't know what to do because I cant dare to be bare skinned, yet I don't want to wear my make-up because otherwise I feel like people will make comments towards me.

However if you watch a youtuber called Zoella ( Zoe Sugg ) then you will know about her video where she talks about how your skin doesn't define you. However being in a public school I feel like no-matter how I look people will always make comments towards me and it just makes me really upset that we cant all be seen for who we are, and not be defined by our skin, just like Zoe said!
Please feel free to leave comments below with questions or anything you want to know, or advice because I am open to this, or go on the contact tab and drop me an email because I am happy to talk to anyone and I wont share anything unless you wish me too or anything like that.

Thank you,



2 comments on "Why do i use make-up?"
  1. This is such a lovely post! I totally agree, being in year ten myself, I find myself constantly worrying about how I look too, I know its hard but just remember to do whatever makes you happy:) xxxx

    1. thank you! I know, year 10 is quite hard, because you worry about all the above as well as exams and studying!! thank you, but what makes me happy is the people not saying stuff about me but I don't know how to stop that:( xx


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