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Blogmas day 14: My current, yet weird obsession!?



Today I thought that I would talk to you about something I love doing and that is reading! I am obsessed however with the author Sophie Kinsella. I have loved the 'shopaholic series' type books because they are so easy to read, yet gripping and with such a great use of language!

My current favourite book of hers would obviously be the most recent one which is 'Shopaholic to the Stars'! This book is amazing! It is about Becky Bloomwood going to Hollywood with her husband Luke and Daughter Minnie, on a business trip with likes work. Due to Luke working with A-List celebrities Becky takes this chance to try and become friends with them by getting Minnie in the top nursery and trying to peruse a career as a fashion designer/ assistant. However how will this turn out.... Will Becky succeed?

I really would recommend this book to anyone, but obviously over the age of 13 because otherwise the humour may not be understandable or just because they may not enjoy it! But I love it so I think you all will too!

Overall I would defiantly give this book a 5/5 stars!

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