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Blogmas day 17&18: Weird D.I.Y santa decoration!?


I thought the other week that I would get my hands dirty and do some diy! So myself and my baby half-brother ( aged 4) Sat down for the whole of Saturday and Sunday and got a bit creative! I then thought, why not show some other people on the wide web and so I am!
1) First of all you will need to paper Mache a water bottle and the top of one balloon and the middle of another balloon ( However the balloons need to be fairly small!)
2) Once the paper Mache has dried I painted everything in red, except the bottom bit from the balloon which I painted white, with red around the very top like a hat!!

3) Then I Cut the middle of the balloon in half on one side and painted buttons along the middle. I then also added black boots and a black belt with a yellow buckle!? ( This is hard to get straight lines and hard with a four year old! Don't judge my bad painting skills!)

4) Then on the top balloon I painted a face and put pva glue all over and then stuck on cotton wool balls, for a fake beard effect! You can also add some around the hat and on the top for a fluffy affect!

5) Once this has dried glue on the belly and the head, you may need to stuff some cotton wool inside for extra support.

6) Now leave your santa out as a little decoration!( After I finished i then went back and added cotton wool arms, then painted them red, and black at the tips like gloves! I just forgot to take a photo and it is at my dads house and I'm at my mums!!)

Finished product:

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