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Blogmas day 3: The perfect Hot Chocolate!


So it is officially 22 days until Christmas! YES!

So today I thought why not do a post on something that is quite wintery and lovely to have at this time of the year and that is hot chocolate!(:

I have many favourite hot chocolates however my current favourite one is the 'Options, Belgian Chocolate Hot Chocolate!' Now that's a bit of a mouthful to say out loud as you type! This brand also does white chocolate and mint chocolate!

 So I get my favourite mug out of the cupboard and add 3 teaspoons of powder into the cup! Then I boil the kettle while heating up a jug of milk in the microwave. Then I add half a cup of water in, and mix this until it's a runny paste, a bit like gravy!?! And then I add in enough milk to fill it to the top! This makes it creamy but still doesn't make the flavour very strong because the water weakens it slightly. However this is fine because the next step adds all that missing creamyness back in!

Then comes the fun bit, if you like cream then add a funky design or pattern upon the top and then sprinkle with marshmallows, I just did the marshmallows because I forgot to ask my mum to get cream, but I still used quite a few mini ones! 

Then sit down get cosy and watch your favourite film! My favourite Christmas/wintery fil would be Elf or Home Alone! They are both amazing and I reccommened them both!

I hope you have liked this post, even though it was a bit short and sweet I thought that it's nice to be nosy at what other people do!

Leave a comment if there is anything you'd like to see me do in Blogmas, or in general a post idea you have for the future!

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