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Blogmas day 5: Winter skin care routine!

For day five into December I thought that I should share with you my winter skin care routine! I wear make-up everyday to school ( foundation, mascara, powder e.t.c) and majority of it stays on, which I am very thankful for. However I have to take it all off in the evening before bed, and this is how I do it!
Before I take of my make-up I like to make sure my hands are clean to not spread any dirt, and at the minute I am loving the Carex fun edition! I love the colours of this collection and the scents are just divine! My current addiction is the strawberry lace one!
So I start of by removing my make-up with cotton wool pads and the Nivea Extra gentle eye make-up remover. I think this is quite good because it takes of your make-up without irritating it, or leaving red marks behind. Also it contains Provitamin B5, and doesn't leave a greasy stain afterwards. However it doesn't remove my Benefit They're real mascara ):
Next I take my Liz Earle Hot Cloth, Cleanse and Polish, and I love this! I won't go into detail because I wrote a blog post all about it and you can see it by clicking here!
Next I take sudocrem, and I find that this works amazing on any spots because it reduces the size, then turns them into little flaky bits of skin ( I know it sounds disgusting but it works wonders!!) and this then just disappears when I wash my face. I find it also helps if you have little rashes on your skin because while clearing spots it also clears up rashes!
I hope that you have liked this post.. I thought why not do something I haven't done yet, so I did! Make sure you follow me on blogger to find out when im posting, if it isn't Blogmas or like me you are nosey and just want to look! You can simply find out any contact information on the tab at the top, and don't hesitate to talk to me and just chat via email if you are in need and wanting to talk to someone.


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