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Blogmas day 2: Favourite things about Christmas!



I was supposed to have a proper post for today and yesterday however my laptop broke and so therefore I had to create something completely different! But it should be working by tomorrow so then I go back to normal (:

So I thought for this post that I should write my top 5 things that I love about Christmas because who doesn't love it! So Im going to narrow it down..... HERE GOES:

1) The Music- I love Christmas music because it is so cheery and jolly and can always make me smile!

2) Spending time with family!- I love the fact that family from all over the country and globe travel and make a real effort to see each other.

3) The weather- I love British weather... Yes it's cold and wet but I wouldn't swap it for anything... I'm secretly hoping for a white Christmas this year!

4) I love going out and buying people's presents and then seeing their faces!

5) I love Christmas food!- I don't like roast dinners very much however the one time I do love the food is Christmas and that's because of Christmas pudding and mince pies and Christmas cake!!

These are 5 Simple things that I love about Christmas! I hope you have enjoyed this short and sweet post that is giving you an idea about me and hoping you to learn more about me!

See you tomorrow....


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