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January favourites 2015!

So it has come to the end of the month, a very busy hectic month. I have been back at school, had blood tests, had injections... you name it I've probably had it! So I decided to come online and write a little post about my January favourites! If you were wondering why there was no post on Wednesday then this is why, I was waiting until today so that on the last day of January I can post about the things I've loved and share them with the internet.
One of the things I have really been loving is the Ted Baker London body spray. Now this spray is scented with Rose, sandalwood and juicy raspberry, which let me tell you....IS SO AMAZING. The scent is quite strong yet in one spray at a time you can really identify the different scents which I love! I currently have the travel sized bottle because then I can carry it in my make-up bag for school, and apply after physical education or just when I want to freshen up. I find though that the smell will sty on me all day with a couple of sprays in the morning an it will last until I change into my pjs!
Next on my list is a book by Sue Townsend. This book is one of my all time favourites and I had lent it to my brother back in November, the only problem being he is the worlds slowest reader!! So when he gave it back to me I decided to re-read it due to it being in such an easy format to read and the layout is so engaging. So within two evenings I had re-read the whole book! The book is called 'The growing pains of Adrian Mole'. Now many people know this as being a boys book yet I love it! its a moving diary of Adrian's year and how he grows up and the issues he faces. I love the adult humour, which is why I think that it is so engaging. I would all honestly rate this book 9.9/10!
My next product is beauty related as well as related to my idol! One of my idols is Tanya Burr, whom is a very inspirational woman and I cant start to explain how proud I am of her and how far she has come. I am talking about her beauty range. I own 8 of her products now 3 lip glosses and 5 nail varnish's. One of my absolute favourites that I have been wearing all of January since I received it for my birthday (January 9th) is Penguin chic. The colour I would say is a mix of grey, blue and brown?! I like this colour around this time because it is still a wintery colour but I find it warm and autumnal and who doesn't love a bit of that! I love not only the colour but also the application of the product. The brush has just the right size thickness because I can paint one half of my finger and then the other in two strokes, which I find very beneficial because it means I get in all the awkward crooks and crannies. The packaging as well makes it super easy for storage because it fits nicely into my nail varnish box on my dressing table! I would recommend all of Tanya's product even if she wasn't my idol because they are that amazing. I am going to do a post reviewing all of Tanya's products that I own, so come back soon! ( Tanya's Twitter: @tanyaburr )
Next is the Bourjois Paris, Bronzing powder. Everyone used to rave about this product and I have only just bought it, so yes I'm a bit behind like normal... However I totally understand why people love this product! The packaging first of all is sooo CUTE! I love that its like a little book, hiding away and then as soon as you open it BAM! The sweet smell of French chocolate hits you.... But not only that the bronzer its self looks like chocolate, I could eat it. I apply this with the Real techniques Contour brush and the application is so smooth and easy. The only thing I would say is that when I bought the product I didn't realise that there was more than one shade available and so I bought the lighter one, yet I need darker! However for the winter it is doing its job nicely!
The next thing on my list is my phone case. Now I know this is a weird favourite to have but I love it and so I felt like including it. At Christmas I was given an amazon voucher from my school to say thank you for being an Anti-Bullying ambassador and so I came straight home and ordered a new phone case because I've had mine for a year and it is a bit old and worn out. So I was searching for ages when I came across this one. Now I have a cat, and I am completely addicted to them so why not add to that by getting a cat phone case. My case has the writing 'BECAUSE CATS' written in the centre which is in a hand written font. Then all around this is cartoon cat heads in black and white. The case is a snap case so I have to be even more safe not to drop it now!
The final item on my January favourites had to be food/drink related! So I am going to write about something I have every single day! Green tea, but not any green tea... Green tea with mango and passion fruit! I love this tea because the flavours are all so different yet complement each other so its a lovely taste. I normally have one when I get in from school or at 8pm so that my head is awake?!
I hope you enjoyed this blog post and all had a lovely January! I cant wait to see you in febuary, have a lovely weekend!

Where have I been...oops?!

I probably should start by saying happy new year! You are probably thinking why on earth haven't I been active/posting on my blog. Well..... I have gone back to school and been slammed with exams:( So you can blame my teachers at school! However it is probably also because I have started on a new series on Netflix called Pretty Little Liars AND I AM SO ADDICTED AND EXCITED FOR THE END! I also have been having ski lessons, because I am going skiing in Killington and then shopping in New York, SO I'M EXCITED AND SCARED AND OH MY GOSH!
However I am now back into the routine of normal Wednesday blog posts, so STAY WITH ME PLEASE BECAUSE I AM STILL HERE BUT I'M SUPER DUPER BUSY:(

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