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Flying to America OOTD!

So first of all because of exams at the moment my blog posts haven't been going up on a Wednesday when they should and that's because I've been super busy with course work and revision for my mock exams... yay I love taking GCSEs early...not! So sorry about that if you like to read my blog... oh wait no-one does:) I just like write to entertain my self.
So next Saturday the 14th of February, valentines day, I am flying to NEW YORK! And then driving to Killington ski resort, to obviously go skiing, and then drive back to new York for shopping! So I thought that why not do a blog post on my outfit that I will be wearing on the aeroplane, because well if you are like me and are nosey then you will like this!
Okay so ill start at the bottom and on my feet I am wearing my timberland boots which I got for Christmas. I am wearing these because not only are they comfy but when I land the other end there will be snow so I can 'try' and not slip which saying this will result in me falling on my bottom! My leggings are from Miss Selfridge and are high waisted, they also have little turn up bits which I think are super cute because they sit just above my timberlands:) I love the design of the leggings because its different and I guess stands out to what I normally wear because im a jeans girl. Not forgetting that leggings are super comfy to fly in, and you can curl up and sit on your knees and be lazy!
 Then I am wearing a simple thin strap vest top from Next which is really soft underneath a floaty, thin jumper?! It is like a long sleeve top but is yet like a jumper? It is quite baggy and is good for layering so I am wearing this because I can add an extra hoodie over the top or my ski coat! This top/jumper item thing is from h&m and it was a bargain buy!

I know this was a short post but I guess that's all I can say about an outfit? I will try and link all the items below for if you want to check them out!
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