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School time tag- Collab!

This week I am going to be doing a collab post with my friend Lauren from- We have created the questions for this tag, so feel free to use them!
1) What class year are you?
Class of 2016.
2) What is/was your uniform like?
Our school is quite strict on our uniform so we wear: White polo top, Black jumper, Black pleated skirt, Black tights and Brogues.
3)Favourite subject and why?
My favourite subject of all time would be mathematics. I know that this is probably a bit weird but I really enjoy it:)!
4)Worst subject and why?
I only hate this subject because im not very good at it and that is science! I'm top set double but I just feel not very smart in the subject?!
5) If you are still in school, what year are you in?
I am in year 10!
6) What GCSEs are you taking/taken?
Double science
Culture, Religion and Philosophy
Child care learning and development
Food technology
7) Do you wear make-up to school?
I do wear make-up to school... and if you are wondering why hen you can read a post about it here:
8) What style of bag do you use for school?
I use the grey asymmetric bowler bag from new look!
9) How do you wear your hair for school?
I wear my hair in my natural beach waves/ringlets, my mum calls it a messy surfer look?!
Laurens post will go up at the weekend because we have different upload days! I hope you liked this tag, it was a bit different and yeah! IM OFF TO NEW YORK ON SATURDAY SO I WILL SEE YOU THEN YES YAY:)))
4 comments on "School time tag- Collab!"
  1. Lovely post! I hope you have a great time in New York! Xx

  2. Hello again:) I just wanted to say I have nominated you to do the Liebster award over on my blog, I would love it if you took part, thanks xx


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