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So last week I flew to JFK, then got on a coach and drove for 6 hours down to Killington, Vermont. We stayed in the mountain inn, just a five minute bus ride to the slopes! The week was going by fast and there hadn't been any issues until the Wednesday night.... Everyone went into the lounge area and we were told our flight home has been taken out of circulation:( So we would be stuck in new York for an extra day, which I didn't mind because it meant extra shopping! We then got to the day of our flight home and had checked out our hotel and were doing our last bits of shopping when our flight for that evening got cancelled! So for an hour we sat on the red steps in NYC, and waited until we knew what was happening next!

We got onto a coach and drove for 45 minutes to Newark airport, where they put us up in a lovely hotel for the night. We spent the next day lounging around the hotel, catching up on sleep and re-packing our suitcases 300942 times! Later that evening we then got a flight home after a two day delay! I didn't mind spending the extra days in USA because I missed two days of school however over the course of the week everyone had become very close with all the teachers and learnt a lot about them. One teacher had missed his sons birthday and over hearing his son on face time saying "daddy I miss you, when will you be home?" is heart breaking, but we were stuck there and couldn't help. Then he had to spend his birthday as well over in the USA because of our flight being delayed, which obviously wasn't bad... but he missed his family and wanted to be with them. However the most heart breaking came from my favourite teacher on the trip, not only was he my group leader, but he is the loveliest kindest person ever!

His son isn't very well, and when he spoke to him everyday he would end up walking away with a tear in his eye. For a teacher that doesn't cry really shows that being stuck there doesn't just effect our education but also these teachers are missing there children grow up, and its not the same from millions of miles away. I know my teachers wont read this ( I will make sure they don't;)) but I want to say thank you to everyone who went on this trip it was truly amazing and I have made so many new friends, whom I wish to keep for ever <3

This trip has really opened my eyes to new things, people you can and cant trust, new friendships, memories that no-one else will ever have, new foods, i've learnt how to ski!! I guess its un-describable how amazing this week has been your going to just have to believe me!

On Wednesday should be a make-up haul from Mac and Sephora in NYC!!

p.s I officially hate BA:)

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