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Heeellooo :)
So a while ago I  did a blog post talking about how I wasn't comfortable ever going out without make-up on and that people would always make comments to me (as in they would say them direct to my face), or behind my back about how I looked and all the things you can think of that would upset a person, yet I've learned to just not care. 
There is so many other things in life that I should be worrying about.. not how my face looks or the clothes i'm wearing that day because I know certain people will be around to say something to me. So recently i've embraced my inner-self and i've not worn make-up to school for 2 whole weeks. Now to any normal person this would be normal! But.. to someone who is self conscious like myself I feel as though it is a huge step and I am genuinely proud of myself for doing this.
By the title you are probably wondering what does this mean? Well it stands for 'Half and Half Face' Something I am starting. I believe that all girls no-matter what type of skin they have, whether they have spots or smooth as a babies bottom skin, a rash, eczema..  we are all made the way we are for a reason and in this way we are all perfect just the way we are, no matter what anyone else says to us. People make comments at girls (from personal experience) if they are wearing make-up saying why? why are you wearing make-up? what's the point? Yet then if you don't wear make-up everyone gives you weird looks or asks, are you tired? you look ill, are you okay? did you have a rough night, un-able to sleep? NO just no. We may all be different underneath but together we are all one, we are all the same 'thing'... its called being human, just because you may be growing up, developing in different ways, your hormones are acting up, or simply trying new things it doesn't mean you have to try even harder to be what society has created today as to be the perfect person.
I have grown recently to think.... Having spots is fine, its normal. Having wild frizzy curly hair its fine, its cool! Having a different sense of fashion.. so what be yourself... Who cares what everyone else thinks...
I do..
You do..
We all do...
We all try to be perfect to fit in...
We all want to be that person that everyone wants to be like...
We all want to be that person that everyone wants to be friends with.....
We all want to be that person that everyone wants to copy their fashion style....
So I am starting the hashtag on twitter or instagram or any social media you want to called #HandHface This way we can show everyone the person we really are, and the person society has made us become. All you have to do is take a selfie with your natural hair and no make-up on one side of your face and then on the other side wear a full face of make-up... style your hair as if you were going out to a party or an evening meal.
I tried doing my own version of the idea that I have thought of by having no make-up and my natural frizzy curls, then the other side what has been created by the society in which I live in.. straight hair and a full side of make-up. I dare you all, do it, show the world who you really are because trust me I promise you are beautiful... everyone is.. just in their own way. With make-up we aren't any different to what we are underneath. It doesn't make us become a new person. It may seem like a mask to hide behind but really we are hiding our own inner beauty and we deserve to show it off!
So go take a selfie and post it on social media with the hashtag #HandHface and tag your friends to do the same. Please get involved and show everyone that you are beautiful, and no one will stop you from being the person you are!
Feel free to share this post with your friends I would appreciate it, A LOT!! Lets see how many people we can get to join in <3
Also if you would like you can tag me on twitter so I will see all of your beautiful faces: @tbhjoesugg
Here is my #HandHface:  

#HandHface <3

I've been blogging for a year....?

I think this is a bit weird, because when I started my blog I never thought that I would be able to keep it up for a whole year?! I started my blog at 2am in the morning of Friday the 7th march 2014  because I couldn't sleep and for some reason I kept going and I love it!
I just wanted to do this short post to say thank you to everyone who comments on my posts and reads them and supports me because it always makes me smile when people comment telling me that my post was lovely, or they think the same as me. I don't know I just love reading the comments, so thank you!
I feel like we should be having a romantic meal, candlelit, like our one year anniversary relationship, yet through a blog post? Is that weird? I'm going to leave this weirdness, that I don't even know what it is has turned into, good bye!!!!!!

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