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Burberry kisses review!*

A few weeks ago on twitter Burberry started a campaign where you nominated your friends to receive a free sample of the new Burberry lipsticks. Obviously because they were a sample this is not the full size and so I imagine they will be about double in size?! You could choose your shade from a selection of four colours, there was a red, a nude and 2 different shades of pinky colours. I was nominated twice so I git two colours! Because I am loving them so much I thought why not review them and share my opinion on the interweb!

The first one I choose was Military Red No. 109. (The left one in all of the above photos) I choose this colour because whenever I wear red people always say that it goes well with my eyes and helps them stand out, so I went with a red colour. I had very high hopes for these lipsticks because they were made by such a high end company and I was not let down. The lipstick is very pigmented with a high coverage in one sweep on the lips. The colour is easily buildable which is one thing that I love about lipsticks so I can have it slightly pale in the day, yet darker for going out in the evenings. While on the subject of going out I will say that the Military red lipstick does not budge. I will go out in the morning and have lunch, eating and drinking, and again it hasn't budged. This is the same if I was going out with the girls for a meal it does not move! Five stars defiantly from me, and I will be purchasing the bigger version of this!
Now the second one I choose was Sepia No.85. Now this colour I felt was a lot more hydrating to the lips. I felt as though it was a lot softer and felt as though I was wearing nothing on my lips. Now I know they are made exactly the same but for some reason I felt like this one was a lot nicer and easier to wear. This lipstick I normally have just been wearing out and about in the day and I have received many a compliments on it. Which obviously make me happy! This lipstick just like the red is also very high coverage and you can easily build up the colour! Sepia starts of as a pale pink then with three glides over the lips it seems to have a tinge of purple/brown and stand out more.
I hope you have liked this review of my two Burberry kisses! You can follow me on my blog now over to the right or on google+ so you can receive updates on when I post... that's if you like what I post!!
See you soon x
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