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NYC make-up haul!


So I thought that it was about time I posted my make-up haul, from Sephora, MAC and Victoria Secret! When in NYC I spent a lot, and I mean a huge amount of my spending money in these shops on make-up and body sprays!
Sephora- $54
One of the many things I wanted to buy on this trip was a Naked Palette by Urban Decay. This is because I am in love with doing eye-shadow and experimenting, so I thought it was about time I upped my game and bough quality eye-shadows!! So I bought Naked 2... and my oh my! It is absolutely amazing, already I have created so many combinations and have favourites such as Pistol and verve. All the colours in this palette are very pigmented, and last at least 8hrs! I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone because it not only is all of the above but it is also well worth the money!

Mac Cosmetics- $18 each
 How can you go to NYC without going into a Mac store! I went into a Mac every time I went out shopping, which really wasn't good for me! I ended up only buying two lipsticks, (l-r) Damn glamorous which is a matte finish and Hot gossip which is a Cremesheen finish. I adore both of these lipsticks and they both have such long lasting colour. Mac is always my go to lipstick for if im going out, or just in general really!

Victoria Secret- $12 each
Now one shop that I did spend a lot of money in was Victoria secret. This was because I bought a lot of underwear as well as body sprays!  On the left is pure seduction which is a fruity pungent smell, and for some reason I find it quite a soothing scent! I like to wear this in the day because it makes me feel fresh! Now when im going out I wear Strawberries and Champagne because a lot of people smell it and say that it smells good, then when I tell them what the scent is they think it sounds quite posh and it makes me feel special!
Walmart- $3.97
I finally caved in and bought myself the Stay matte powder. I know it is very cheap and by this I was wondering that maybe it wasn't so good as everyone said and raved about. However now I have tried it I am never going back to my old powder because I am in love with this one. It can be easily built up with more and more layers and it really does apply a matte finish. This powder will last on my face for the whole of a school day so about 7/8 hours a day!
Sephora- $29
This mascara has always been my go to, ever since it was released. I love the size of the brush because it gives lots of volume and builds up very well. Many people fins that this brush is scratchy however I haven't found this once! I think the application is very smooth and it literally glides on. Like I said it can easily be built which means I can apply more at the weekends and when I go out than the amount I wear to school!
Sephora- $12
This is the Sephora contour eye pencil 12hr wear waterproof in the shade Black lace! That's a bit of a mouthful to say! This eyeliner I was contemplating buying. I had read many reviews about it online and I needed a new eyeliner so I decided to get it. Now because I am a very emotional person most of the time and cry when I laugh I decided it was best to get waterproof and may I say... it is the best waterproof eyeliner I've ever had! Not only does it not come off with tears or rain but I struggle with my eye make-up to remove it, but after a bit of pressure and scrubbing it coms off! I apply this on my waterline and even if it is slightly damp, it still apples nicely with a buildable cover.

Sephora- $10
I have always bought in the past the smash box foundation in the past, which I have always sworn by. However I am slightly obsessed with benefit at the moment so I decided to buy the mini version of the Pore fessional primer. And may I say, benefit has not let me down. This product works wonders at not only keeping my make-up on for a longer time but also it really does minimize my pores a heck of a lot. This is one purchase that I know I am defiantly buying in the bigger version next time!

Elle Magazine-£4
Now this was purchased in the airport through ELLE magazine, because they were giving away free travel sizes. So being a Benefit lover I bought it! This is one of the best mascaras I've tried and I've tried many. It really does curl and lengthen my lashes. However I also think that it really lasts a long time, because once my lashes are lifted they don't drop, they hold all day! I would definitely recommend it to any one who wants a good mascara that is defiantly worth the money!
(You can now buy the full version from Sephora at $29)
I hope you liked this post as it was a bit different. I apologise for not posting in a while but I have gotten so caught up at school with my work I felt that was more important to go first! But now im past all that and able to blog weekly again!
I have also started a twitter that is about blog updates e.t.c which is: @_absterhamster
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