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SO...? London - Eau De Toilette and Body Fragrance*




So this blog post is a review of the new So...? Fragrance London. This is part of the new spring sassy collection which consists of London, Rio, New York and Paris. They all have different colours; however they are all spring/summer themed yet still related to the country in a way.

The one thing I loved about the So..? London Eau De Toilette is the cute symbol of Big Ben. I love the fact how they've have incorporated it into the design as it symbolises what we think of most when we think of London. Big Ben. The colours are also very creatively put together. They fit in well with the theme of my room as well as looking cute in my make-up bag. (The top photo is the packaging in which you buy the product.)

The scent of these two is absolutely divine. It is a mixture of Grapefruit, Rose and Vanilla. I think that in the Eau Du Toilette the Grapefruit comes through the strongest, yet compliments the Vanilla. The one scent that I cannot smell as strong as the others however as it wears off during the day I find that Vanilla has then lingered the longest. I applied a spritz either side of my neck and then on my wrist (rubbing them together… if you can imagine that in your head?!)

The body fragrance then smelt strongest of the Rose. However I didn’t mind because once wearing together it still went well together. Obviously they are supposed to, but I just felt that these really did. The body fragrance I normally spray all over my body in the mornings and then as the day progresses I will apply it after sport or when I’ve had my cooking classes.

I would really recommended this product if you would like a very pungent smell that would last for most of the day. I love the scent and so do many of my friends, whom have told me so when I have sprayed it after physical education.

You can purchase them both from most pharmacy stores such as Superdrug or boots e.t.c.

I hope you have liked this review of the product and you may go to the shops and smell it or buy it. At the minute in boots the Eau De Toilette is half price, the same for the Body spray in Superdrug. I hope you have a lovely half term.



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