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Finding Audrey By Sophie Kinsella Review!*





So today’s blog post is a review from one of my all-time favourite author Sophie Kinsella. Her new book was released on the 9th June 2015.

The bestselling author Sophie Kinsella is known for her Shopaholic series, which personally all where my favourite collection of books. However after reading Finding Audrey I am in love with it. Since receiving it I have read it twice... TWICE! From starting this book I have been drawn in and have not wanted to put this down.

The book addresses issues which many teen girls face today in society, however they don't want to speak out about them because either they have no idea they even have such mental illnesses or they are too frightened in the way that they believe society won't accept them. Sophie Kinsella has really addressed the issues well and brought them to life through Audrey. Audrey, we learn gradually, has been through many issues at school. We established that some form of bullying happened that then led to expulsion of several girls and her own breakdown. Due to Audrey breaking down she started to have therapy as well as removing herself from society... Not only from school but also from family, friends and stopping eye contact, she did this by wearing dark black contact lenses. However as Audrey develops further through therapy we see how her life changes. It really makes you realise that sometimes people may say or do things that they may find a joke or hilarious... however to someone like Audrey... even myself we take it to the heart.

Throughout this book I have laughed and cried at the progress in which Audrey has made. I've wanted to pull her out of the book and give her a hug and tell her that will be her best friend and no matter what happens I'm not going to turn on her. The book is filled with mystery, love happiness and hope.

Words simply cannot describe my love for this book. It is defiantly my new favourite book by Sophie Kinsella.


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