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The Hideout - Taunton

So todays post is going to be a review of a new restaurant I visited with my family in Taunton. The Hideout is hidden of the edge of the main town next to a beautiful castle and Grande hotel. I posted a lot of photos because I love them all and I couldn't pick! The little boy is my youngest half-brother Nathan who is 4, and the other boy is my brother Callum who is 12!
I visited the restaurant back in May, with my dad’s side of the family. We stumbled upon the restaurant when walking through the lanes past the shops, looking for somewhere to eat our evening meal. We were welcomed by a lovely smiley team who all looked like they loved working there, and were all very enthusiastic! 
The menu has a wide range of different foods to suit everybody, especially when you are super fussy, which I am! I choose the burger which came with chips, coleslaw and onion rings. The taste was absolutely Devine I could happily eat another now. For dessert I then had the chocolate brownie and raspberry sorbet. This was just as good as the burger.
 The staff were lovely including the Manager whom all checked on us thought the meal making sure everything was okay with food and drinks etc.

Overall I had an amazing time, with great food and an amazing place to look around (not only the restaurant but it is also in a beautiful area too)! My littlest brother who can’t sit still for two minutes wanted to go exploring, so we did which is why there is lots of pictures of him and of all random things, like the ducks, that was his favourite picture! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who lives in this area or if you are passing by. Defiantly coming back!!
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