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Afternoon Tea at the Runneymede on Thames!



So today I went for Afternoon tea to celebrate Mya's Birthday. This was a late birthday treat bought for her by Cayetana and myself. We took Mya to the Runneymede on Thames.  

Upon being seated we were given a selection of herbal teas, I choose the Green Tea, which was complimentary refillable throughout the experience. Because I’m a green tea addict I ended up drinking 5 cups... oops!

Then came the best bit… FOOOD! The bottom layer consisted of finger sandwiches filled with: Ham and Mustard, Cucumber and Cream Cheese, Salmon and Cream Cheese and finally Egg and Cress. My personal favourite was the Egg and Cress sandwich however both the other girls liked the salmon sandwiches the best. Some of the sandwiches where made with white bread, the others being wholemeal. I much prefer wholemeal bread; however being a day where you can stuff your face with cake and no one cares why not just eat the white bread.

After devouring the sandwiches we moved onto the second tier. This was sugar galore. I firstly tucked into two shortbread biscuits that were sandwiched together with cream. As well as this upon the outside was jam shaped into a pear. This biscuit literally melted into the mouth and went all gooey which in my books is a 5/5! The cupcake seemed ever so ordinary yet when I took a bite, lemon curd oozed everywhere! This matched the bright yellow icing with dried citrus fruit pieces sprinkled over. Also on this tier was a medium sized Éclair, filled with clotted cream and a large helping of custard. Over the top was drizzled chocolate adding an extra kick. Finally was my favourite of the tier, Fruit cake. Fruit cake always reminds me of my grandma at Christmas because she makes the world’s best cake! This one wasn’t nearly as good as hers, yet still was amazing, filled with glace cherries and fruit.

On the final top tier was the scones (pronounced either like gone or cone depends who you are! I’m a gone girl at heart.) Upon my scone I dolloped endless amounts of clotted cream (as if I hadn’t had enough throughout the day already!) followed by strawberry jam. Scones are one of my favourite treats because they remind me of my childhood when I used to go to John Lewis with my mother and we would eat cheese scones for a mid-morning snack.
After my voracious appetite was gone, we were served with a cool drink of sparkling elderflower and mint. This wasn’t to my taste buds liking… I absolutely adore elderflower however I felt the mint took away the exquisite taste.

I shall do a post later this week talking about the make-up that I wore through a get ready with me post, however I will let you know now that my dress is from New Look. I purchased the dress last June for my Step-Fathers 50th birthday meal, so they probably don’t sell this anymore, sorry!

I hope you have enjoyed this post; the girls mentioned above are linked below:

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