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Ahava Essential Day Moisturiser review*


Today’s blog post is a review of the Ahava Time To Hydrate Essential Day Moisturizer for normal to dry skin. My skin is always changing depending on the weather. In warmer months I have very dry skin and my eczema comes out all over my body, yet in winter it is very oily.
Ahava sell their products on the website eBay. The stores page is easy to navigate around and view all their products, often having discount offers/sales. Upon placing my order for this product it came a lot faster than I had originally anticipated. It took around a week to arrive which I was rather pleased with, especially as it is from a different country and postage was free! The product came inside the postage box, then bubble wrapped followed by the products box. This helped to prevent any damage in shipping which I find is always so efficient!
The packaging of the product I believe is beautiful. I love the brown with the cream colour that has a yellow tinge through it. The smell however I think is the most astounding. I was trying to think of words to describe the exquisite smell, yet it is impossible. All I can do is tell you it is such a satisfying scent.
The company makes all their products with minerals that are found in the Dead Sea, these are created through the combination of: water, mud, plants and salt.
 I have researched into this on many occasions to find out more and to expand my knowledge further. The Dead Sea minerals are very good for your skin because of the ingredients that are found inside. Many of the ingredients commonly found I had heard of before. This is because they were chemicals used in my science lessons at school. I researched into all of this because I found it ever so interesting, so if you like science knowledge go and have a read because it is very fascinating what the chemicals can also do apart from the experiments done at school.
The cream itself soothes your skin due to the anti-inflammatory properties which can calm and relax the muscles in your face. This is great right before you apply your make-up because your skin feels smooth, ready for easy application. I find that the cream rubs in straight away and doesn’t leave any white marks for example like sudocrem.
Ahava have their own page on eBay which you can find here.
Many other products currently have a discount code on them, or offers if you spend a certain amount of money so go check it out!
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