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My Holiday Make-up Bag!


It is finally the summer... Well in terms of school now that it is the summer holidays everyone is going away. Therefore I thought that I would show you what I take in my make-up bag when I go away. I normally go to hot countries with lots of sunshine so rarely end up wearing foundation but I still wear mascara etc. My Make-up bag is from the Zoella Beauty range in superdrug! I love these make-up bags because they are the perfect size and they are wipe clean on the outside for any make-up spillages!
One thing that is always in my make-up bag is the current nail varnish I am wearing. In the summer I swap between Essie'Watermelon', Essie 'Sunday Fun day' and BarryM Gelly Hi shine 'Pomegranate'. At the minute it is 'Pomegranate'. I love this collection that BarryM do because it looks as though it is done very professionally once dried, however it was done by me! The colour is a red with subtle pink through it. I always take my nail varnish away with me because it can either chip in the pool or the sun, so just for touch ups.
A necessity I take everywhere no matter what but especially on holiday or public transport is hand sanitizer. This is because I become a bit of a germ freak and because I have a habit of biting my nails this means I’m not digesting any bacteria (tmi I’m so sorry). The one I’m currently using is the Bath and Body Works Fresh Sparkling Snow PocketBac. I find these super handy as they fit in everything! This scent is now longer available to purchase due to it being a Christmas special, but they have many others!
Another necessity to take is a make-up remover obviously. However I really love the Estee Lauder Take it Away Make-up removerLotion. I find this is super easy to use and moisturisers your skin at the same time! I like this as well because it fits nicely in my make-up bag as well as being the only moisturiser lotion to take off benefit they're real mascara!! I hate having to buy the matching remover to the mascara so I love when I find one just as good!
Furthermore another item that is always in my make-up bag is a moisturiser. Normally I would take my eczema cream, however I have recently been using a new cream that has cleared it all up yippee!!(Blog post soon all about it!!) Anyway my moisturiser is currently the travel size of Bath and Body works Oahu Coconut Sunset Aloe Gel Lotion ( I couldn't find the gel on the website but this is the link to the normal body cream). I prefer for my hands/body to use a gel lotion because it not only helps with dry skin but also burnt skin. It really soothes the skin creating a cooling effect. This Aloe Gel Lotion was sent to me by my best friend who lives in America Chloe ( she is very beautiful, so I recommend you go follow her ;)
Underneath any makeup I wear a primer. My primer is the same as I’ve always used and it is my love. This is the Benefit ThePore-fessional. This in the image is the travel size and that’s because it is much easier to take on holiday with you so I like to buy this size.

Like I mentioned above, I hardly wear foundation on holiday however, for the first day or two I do. I will wear the Estee LauderDouble Wear Light foundation in intensity 0.5. This foundation is like concrete. Once I have it on and powdered it doesn't move. It lasts until I wash it off at the end of the day! The Double Wear light is an easily buildable coverage. I normally day to day build it up a lot however only wear a thin coating on holiday just to have an even skin tone and to cover any smaller blemishes.
If on holiday I don’t wear foundation I normally apply a CC cream. I love the Clinique version of this. It is very longwearing and the shade matches my skin very well when I become a bit darker. This also has a buildable coverage.
To go with my foundation I always take a powder. I try to take a translucent powder because this means that even when I am tanned I can just apply some of this to reduce any shiny patches. The powder I find works the best at doing this is the Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in 004Sandstorm. 

One thing that I believe everyone should take with them when in the sun is a lip balm. I love the E.O.S Lip balms because you don't have to dip in your finger and then be left with it all sticky when you are done. They are super easy to transport and last a long time. This is 'Summer Fruits' which I would have to say is my second favourite behind mint. However it is nice in the summer because it is a subtle smell. 

 I am very partial to wear liquid eyeliner. I love to create make-up looks all the time with liquid liner, yet I’m not brave enough to ever go out wearing it. However once I have a tan for some reason I also gain a lot of confidence which clearly, was never there before. I like to use the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner. Now this really does what it says on the bottle. The nib is so fine I can create the thinnest or thickest wing simply by moving up the nib line. 

As well as this I like to alternate to a simple black eye pencil. The eye pencil I use it the Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12HRWear, Waterproof in the shade 01 Black Lace. The black is very matte with a smooth application. I find this pencil easily glides on, yet never leaves.

When going on holiday I like to take 2 different lipsticks as well as a lip gloss. This is because I like to alternate depending on what I’m wearing or what kind of make-up look I have chosen to wear. I take my Mac Cremsheen lipstick in the shade Hot Gossip as well as the Estee LauderPure colour in the shade 26 Nectarine. These colours are very different from each other. One is a subtle pink, the other being bright red! The lip gloss is also by Estee Lauder in the shade 11 Passion Fruit, which is a gorgeous Pink shimmer. (Both the Estee Lauder products where free gifts with a purchase so they cannot be purchased.)

One necessity that I wear everyday no matter what is mascara. Now the mascara I take everywhere with me I have raved about in previous blog posts so I won’t write too much here but it is the BenefitThey’re Real. This mascara has been my favourite since it came out and still is. The only problem I have with it is the fact it’s so hard to take off!!
With me everywhere I go I take my favourite palette. The Urban Decay Naked 2 Pal is my all-time go to palette because it has all the necessity colours. I love Tease and Half-baked, and they both go amazingly together. (I did a review of the palette and you can check that out here!)
As well as make-up you obviously need utensils (not a whisk and spoon!). I always take eyelash curlers with me because they help to open up my eyes, because my eyes are a darker colour. My eyelash curlers are from The Body Shop UK and are amazing. I absolutely adore the colour of them.

Finally of course take make-up brushes. I own a lot of the Real Techniques brushes. Here in the photo is the Powder brush and the Buffing brush (Which come in the core collection). These two brushes are extreme essentials to me because the Buffing brush is for my foundation or bb cream! However my all-time favourite brush is the Powder brush because it is so big and soft. It applies my powder so smoothly and doesn’t create much fall out, as in the product doesn’t fall off.
I hope you have enjoyed this longer blog post and that you aren’t asleep by the end of it. Have a lovely summer!


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