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Geek Girl: All That Glitters By Holly Smale review*




So todays book review is one that I have found so many quote in that are extremely relatable that I felt like sharing it with you all!

The blurb of the book sums it up as: A geek girl starting Sixth form, who also happens to be a super model. The book in my eyes is a whole lot more than this!

It starts straight away in full disaster for Harriet because she goes to school on an inset day... This is a teacher training day when students don't need to come in... oh and she has on random clothes that completely clash!! This is my worst nightmare when going back to school so I really felt sorry for Harriet! So obviously Harriet then returns to school on the correct day, but after a bonding session with her form group is singled out as a 'nerd' and no-one wants to be her friend. The next day she has baked cookies, hoping to win everyone over. Harriet being a bit ditsy like myself thought everyone now loved her for the cookies until walking home. She sees images of herself modelling from back when she was on holiday. The images are everywhere even the cringy places like bus stops! 

Harriet is now living the ultimate dream of any teenage girl. She is a supermodel with calls from Bug named brands all over the world. Then her 'ex' manager calls her, asking to re-sign her because she is going to be a big hit.... However is constantly getting her name wrong as we think as Hannah.  Harriet is then invited to fly to another country to do a to interveiw. But upon arrival everyone is once again callum be her Hannah with extreme talents that Harrier didn't know she had. Believing that her manager had set this up to make her seem more creative she goes along with it. Everyone at school now wants to be friends with Harriet but as the reader we don't know if they are  really wanting to be friends with Harriet or friends with her new star status? I don't want to spoil the rest of the book for you so im going to leave it there.
I love the fact that we get to see Harriet in a different light.. the ideal light for anyone attending a college... to be 'popular'. Harriet has suddenly got a split personality of secretly being a geek but also a famous model.

I thought that I would include some of the many quotes that have made me laugh or I relate to throughout the book:

"Because here is the thing about a book: when you pick up a story, you put down your own"

"A break up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken, than hurt yourself trying to fix it"

" And in walks the captain hook to my Peter Pan; the Voldermort to my Harry Potter. The Cruella De Vil to my hundred spotted puppies"

 I hope you have enjoyed this book.. Which if you did make sure to enter my giveaway below to win a copy of the book! 

**The competition is only open to the UK sorry :(!!!**

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