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Evain Facial Spray Competition!*

Hello lovelies!

Today I am going to tell you about a competition that The Wilkes group are running!
You can win simply by filling out a few details! First prize is a Longchamp "Le Pliage" backpack, in stylish, durable, water-resistant nylon topped with a textured leather handle and logo-embossed flap. This bag is a perfect must have for winter to carry hats, gloves and scarfs! It is also filled with one 10 oz., one 5 oz., and a trio of travel-size Evian sprays!

Plus, three runners-up will receive a Longchamp pochette toiletries case, with embossed leather trim in durable, water-resistant nylon, accented with gold tone hardware. I love the look of gold hardware because it creates a more sophisticated look! As well as this it is also filled with a trio of travel size Evian sprays.

The Evian sprays are used to help re-hydrate dry skin with just a spritz of moisture. Not only does it do that but it also helps to set your make-up.. this is a must for me because after Zumba first thing on a Monday, then leading on to another 6 hours of school my make-up can al move and I end up with my eyebrows on my chin!

You can simply enter above or by clicking HERE!
Good luck!
-Abigail x

Disney World USA ootd.


Hellooo Lovelies,
So yesterday I went to Disney World in Orlando and it was the most magical day ever (you'll only get the reference if you’ve been before or you are a Disney fanatic!!) On twitter I posted about my outfit and quite a few people liked it so I thought I would share it in more depth on here as not all of you follow me on twitter... (Feel free to I'm at @_abigailjessica  )
I'll start at the top so my Minnie Mouse ears I purchased as soon as I arrived at Disney from the shop. They cost me $20 including tax. These were incredible comfy to wear and looked super cute!
My top is from Miss Selfridge and was only £8 in the sale! I love the yellow when I am tanned because I feel like it makes me look darker, when I'm not! I choose to wear a high rise top because then if I'm on a ride it won't fall down and everyone gets a view they don't want!
Orlando was due to be quite sunny on Monday so I wore high waited shorts from Hollister. I got these a few months ago and they are extremely comfy and look nice with anything! These were bought in the states for $50.
Of course my shoes would need to be comfy because you have to do lots of walking! I went with my White converse, which in the UK I live in. These shoes are so incredibly comfy and because they are white you can wear them with any outfit. These are obviously from the converse shop and they cost £50.
I didn't take a bag with me because I kept my phone and money in my pocket, with my camera around my neck. I took some lovely photos of the day so I will put them all in a separate post!
I hope you liked this post, feel free to leave a comment below on what you liked or what you would wear to Disney!
- Abigail x


Halloween Doughnuts!

Hellooo Lovelies,
So of course it is nearly Halloween! I'm normally really into Halloween, however this year I have been distracted because I'm on holiday for it (Talking of which, I am currently in the sky flying to Florida!) When thinking about how I’ll spend mine sunbathing on the beaches of Florida, I realised that not everyone will be there. So I created this concoction...
You Will Need (makes about 18):

·         75g plain flour

·         ½ tsp baking powder

·         ¼ tsp salt

·         55g Caster sugar

·         60ml milk

·         1 egg, beaten

·         1 tsp olive oil

·         ½ tsp vanilla extract

·         Assortment of Food Colouring

·         50g Icing Sugar

·         Icing pens

·         Silicone Doughnut tray ( Similar here)

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/Gas Mark 4.
  2. Lightly brush the doughnut tray with cooking oil.
  3. Take a large  bowl and sift the flour, baking powder and salt into it.
4. Add the sugar and give it a stir to thoroughly combine it all.
5. In a separate bowl whisk the milk, beaten egg, olive oil and vanilla extract together.

6. Then add this to the dry ingredients, mixing thoroughly.
7. Now divide your mixture into 3 different bowls adding a different food colouring to each.

8. Using a teaspoon carefully fill each of the doughnut moulds around ¾ full with the batter. Place in the oven and bake for about 8 minutes, or until firm, but springy to the touch.

9.  Allow to cool slightly, before popping them out onto a cooling rack.
10. Mix the icing sugar with a teaspoon of water, adding also 1/2 drops of food colouring. Then drizzle over the top. Or as my little brother did, just use the icing pens and create your own pattern!

11. Eat the doughnuts, with a surprising pop of colour inside!
Thank you to my 4 year old brother who helped me make these... interesting doughnuts. They do however taste amazing!! Have a lovely Halloween!
-Abigail x

Dork Diaries: Puppy Love by Rachel Renee Russell*


Hello lovelies!

Today I decided to write another book review! These are one of my favourite things to write because books are something I’m passionate about! Today is a book called ‘Puppy Love’ which is the tenth instalment in the bestselling Dork Diaries series. They are written by an amazing woman called Rachel Renee Russell, who is currently the 8th biggest children’s book author of 2015. The whole collection of Dork diaries books are basically the girl version of Diary of a wimpy kid. Now on to the review… 

Without reading any of the other books in the collection you can easily understand this book. The book starts off with Nikki’s worst enemy Mackenzie finally out of her life! Straight away as the reader I was thinking hoorah! Now Nikki isn’t stuck with her worst enemy and can enjoy her life.

But of course our lives aren’t all glitter and fairy tales! Nikki bumps into Mackenzie when visiting the cupcake shop, resulting in finding out juicy gossip about her new school! Nikki tries to not let this faze her and goes with Brandon (her boyfriend) to the place he works, an Animal Shelter! He is practically a dream boy!!

While scoring around Nikki finds Holly, the worlds cutest golden retriever… oh and her gorgeous puppies! The next part of the story is Nikki embarking on an adventure on how to look after these puppies, while living her life!  I guess to find out what happens next you’ll have to read the book!

Dork Diaries ‘Puppy Love’ is published on the 22nd October 2015 it will be on sale at £5.49 in Hardback. It is available on pre-order here!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Make sure to check put the book!
-Abigail x



Demon Road by Derek Landy*


Hellooo lovelies! 

If you read my blog post that went up donkeys years ago then you would know that I wanted to do book reviews every month because.. Well I love to read! Now that it is October it’s okay to write about a thriller. This book is my idea of hell. I’d hate to have to go through what Amber Lamont did.

Amber is your average sixteen year old girl. She is incredible smart however is extremely insecure…. A bit like me but without the smart! I can also relate to Amber in a way because she is constantly online, writing fan fiction (Fan fiction is when a fan takes something/someone they respect and turns it into a fictional story. They are mainly based around bands/actresses/celebrities.). This makes Amber your average teen.

One evening Amber is working when two young men come into the diner. They are disrespectful and don’t care about Amber. When amber walks back over to them she trips spilling their milkshakes. This makes the men mad and they attempt to grab Amber until her co-worker comes over and intervenes. Leaving work early Amber starts her walk home, making the wrong decision of taking the short cut through the alley ways. Of course because Amber is having such an amazing day, she comes across the boys. What she does next even I wasn’t expecting.

Amber punches one in the face causing it all to break and he starts bleeding staggering to the floor. Amber takes this chance to run home, where she finds her parents. Racing up to her room she’s tries to cover up the blood stains in which are all over her clothes.

Before she can do anything the police are knocking at Amber’s door asking to speak to her. He parents cover for her by laughing and saying their daughter is innocent before they snapped. They changed. Demons. Amber’s parents turned into demons before punching their way through the police officers chests.  Clearly the police officers die! The next day Amber’s parents act as though nothing has happened and invite all their friends over. When they arrived everyone made sure to hug Amber, which didn't normally happen. Everyone was happy and smiles were all around. This is when they enlighten Amber into the fact she is a demon, just like them. Amber refused to believe it and said that what happened to the boys wasn't just her it was her inner demon.

 Amber now knows the family secret but is yet to learn more. As Amber learns more she confides herself to her room more than normal. Then one evening she decided she's had enough and wants out. Amber climbs out the window of her bedroom, falls and of course injures herself. As she starts to crawl away from the house she hears high heels clipping the floor, before she sees Imelda, one of her parent’s demon friends, in front of her. 

Imelda takes Amber home with her and allows her to stay for a while. Due to Imelda being a demon Amber doesn't feel safe here and tries to escape. However on her way out she is met with a man whom is blocking her exit. He won’t let her go, consequently Amber shoots him. Imelda explains to Amber that she needs to go into hiding. Amber doesn't understand until she realises that it’s her parents. Amber was only conceived so that when she turned 16 her parents could feed off her blood making them last longer. They were told to do so by the shining demon, the god of Demons.

Imelda’s friend Milo takes Amber to see a man who has 'magic powder' allowing her to see the shining demon. Amber comes face to face with the demon that creates her a promise, if she will find a man that he is after and return him in 2 weeks’ time then he will prevent her parents from ever seeing her. However if she doesn't succeed then the shining demon will help her parents.

Milo and Amber embark on their journey to find the man who never returned to the Shining demon. With the hours that Amber had remaining carved into her wrist by the Demon, dropping fast, they set off. With her parents hot on their tail, Amber and Milo must find the man, before it’s too late. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book especially because it is the lead up to Halloween now! I would recommend this book to anyone in their teens or even older because it is such an amazing read! On the evening of Halloween, Book Tuber Benjamin of Tomes will be reading live and I recommend you tune in and watch! You can watch it here! 



- Abigail x

Today I'm Me Wish List!*

Hellooo lovelies!
Today I thought I would create a blog post on something that is a bit different?! Everyone loves to shop; it’s as simple as that! The only problem I have at the minute is I’m trying to save spending money for my holiday at the end of the month.... I keep seeing things I want and then it ends up in me buying it, loving it yet still regretting it!
Basically I decided to write a wish list. If you don't know what this is it’s basically a list of things that I would like! The shop I’ve chosen to do this on is called 'Today I'm Me.' Before I even talk about how much I love the bags, the name of the shop is so simple yet extremely creative and I love it so much! It’s talking out how you can express yourself through a bag by being yourself!
The first bag I would really like is the Monochrome Me Tote. This bag is made up of black and white which to you may seem boring in a bag but I love the two together! I think that if you had on an outfit of say black jeans but a bright yellow top for example this would go perfectly!  You can wear this bag many ways like on your shoulder or the crease of your elbow joint... (Is that a thing?!) You can shop the bag here! 

The second bag I really like is the Colour Me Neon Pink Shoulder Bag, from the colour me collection. I love the pops of pink against the white and black! I think this would add quite a lot of colour to any outfit. This is my favourite style of bag because you can wear it in many ways. It can be worn on your shoulder or you can remove the straps and use it as a clutch bag! You can shop the bag here!
The third and final bag I would really like is from the new collection that is released later this year. It is currently available to pre-order but I love the quirky design! The black and the white is illusion just like he collection is named. My favourite from the new collection is the Illusion Clutch. I love how if it was paired with such a simple outfit it would add a complex look into it or even a sense of character, due to the colours combining together. You can shop the bag here!
 What is your favourite style of bag? Do you have a shop you always go to, to buy bags?
Leave a comment below and let me know!!
- Abigail x

Autumn Outift Idea!


Hellooo my lovelies!
If you read my previous blog post then you knew that this one was coming! Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year because it means jumpers and Timberlands are acceptable again!
Thank you ever so much to my amazing partner in crime Charlotte for taking pretty much every single one of these photos!
You can find charlotte at
Jumper – New Look (Similar)
Jeans – Topshop
Shoes – Timberlands
Bag - New Look (Similar)
Ring – Pandora
Necklace - Tiffany & Co
- Abigail x

Autumn Make-Up Look!



Hellooo Lovelies!
Today I wanted to do an autumnal make-up look for you! I decided it was easier to write the steps with a few pictures of the final image! I love this look and think that it is perfect for autumn! While doing this I realised my lack of skill in taking selfies! Come back to my blog on Friday to find out about the clothes I wear with this look eeek!
My primer that I used I used is the Benefit Porefessional. This is amazing. It shrinks the size of your pores, practically making them invisible! I find applying this under my foundation helps it stay longer but also it glides on. It is the best purchase I’ve ever made!
After my primer I obviously applied foundation. The foundation I choose to use is the Rimmel Lasting perfection. I have owned this since the beginning of the year and have never had the right shade of skin to wear it (Back then I just gambled with my make-up and slapped on any bits and bobs!). This foundation has quite a high coverage meaning I need minimal concealer. A hint in the name 'Lasting' is true! You can sometimes buy products that don't do what it says on the tin, but this defiantly does!!
After this is go in with my concealer which is the Estee Lauder double wear. This concealer is practically cement. I dab it in with my beauty blender by Real Techniques and it does the job. It has a high coverage and will cover even the reddest of spots... even the dreaded under eye bags!
Then I applied my bronzer and blusher. The bronzer I used is the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer. I have raved about this before because not only is it amazing but it also smells like chocolate... So it is to die for! Then I did my blusher with the Make-Up Revolution blusher in the shade Sugar. I really blended it out with my setting brush because I like a subtle colour.
After this I applied my eyeshadow Primer. My primer was a sample of the Benefit Air Patrol! This is as amazing as the Porefessional... Not only does it prevent creasing but it creates an even toned base that can then be blended into eyeshadow. For eye shadow I used the Urban Decay Naked 2, which is my ultimate favourite! I used the colour Chopper all over my lids and then blended through the crease with the colour Snakebite.
Then I applied my mascara which was the Benefit They’re real! This mascara has been my favourite since it was released! I love the volume it is the most amazing mascara invented! If you go back and stalk me you will be able to read it!
Every bloggers favourite powder was then applied which is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in 002! This powder is fabulous. That’s all I can say. It is so cheap and affordable everybody needs to try!
Finally I applied my lipstick. I used an H&M Lip Pen in the Shade Cherry. This colour is so autumnal I love it! It is buildable so you can easily make it darker!
I hope you have enjoyed this different post! What is your favourite make-up item that you never leave the house without?



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