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Demon Road by Derek Landy*


Hellooo lovelies! 

If you read my blog post that went up donkeys years ago then you would know that I wanted to do book reviews every month because.. Well I love to read! Now that it is October it’s okay to write about a thriller. This book is my idea of hell. I’d hate to have to go through what Amber Lamont did.

Amber is your average sixteen year old girl. She is incredible smart however is extremely insecure…. A bit like me but without the smart! I can also relate to Amber in a way because she is constantly online, writing fan fiction (Fan fiction is when a fan takes something/someone they respect and turns it into a fictional story. They are mainly based around bands/actresses/celebrities.). This makes Amber your average teen.

One evening Amber is working when two young men come into the diner. They are disrespectful and don’t care about Amber. When amber walks back over to them she trips spilling their milkshakes. This makes the men mad and they attempt to grab Amber until her co-worker comes over and intervenes. Leaving work early Amber starts her walk home, making the wrong decision of taking the short cut through the alley ways. Of course because Amber is having such an amazing day, she comes across the boys. What she does next even I wasn’t expecting.

Amber punches one in the face causing it all to break and he starts bleeding staggering to the floor. Amber takes this chance to run home, where she finds her parents. Racing up to her room she’s tries to cover up the blood stains in which are all over her clothes.

Before she can do anything the police are knocking at Amber’s door asking to speak to her. He parents cover for her by laughing and saying their daughter is innocent before they snapped. They changed. Demons. Amber’s parents turned into demons before punching their way through the police officers chests.  Clearly the police officers die! The next day Amber’s parents act as though nothing has happened and invite all their friends over. When they arrived everyone made sure to hug Amber, which didn't normally happen. Everyone was happy and smiles were all around. This is when they enlighten Amber into the fact she is a demon, just like them. Amber refused to believe it and said that what happened to the boys wasn't just her it was her inner demon.

 Amber now knows the family secret but is yet to learn more. As Amber learns more she confides herself to her room more than normal. Then one evening she decided she's had enough and wants out. Amber climbs out the window of her bedroom, falls and of course injures herself. As she starts to crawl away from the house she hears high heels clipping the floor, before she sees Imelda, one of her parent’s demon friends, in front of her. 

Imelda takes Amber home with her and allows her to stay for a while. Due to Imelda being a demon Amber doesn't feel safe here and tries to escape. However on her way out she is met with a man whom is blocking her exit. He won’t let her go, consequently Amber shoots him. Imelda explains to Amber that she needs to go into hiding. Amber doesn't understand until she realises that it’s her parents. Amber was only conceived so that when she turned 16 her parents could feed off her blood making them last longer. They were told to do so by the shining demon, the god of Demons.

Imelda’s friend Milo takes Amber to see a man who has 'magic powder' allowing her to see the shining demon. Amber comes face to face with the demon that creates her a promise, if she will find a man that he is after and return him in 2 weeks’ time then he will prevent her parents from ever seeing her. However if she doesn't succeed then the shining demon will help her parents.

Milo and Amber embark on their journey to find the man who never returned to the Shining demon. With the hours that Amber had remaining carved into her wrist by the Demon, dropping fast, they set off. With her parents hot on their tail, Amber and Milo must find the man, before it’s too late. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book especially because it is the lead up to Halloween now! I would recommend this book to anyone in their teens or even older because it is such an amazing read! On the evening of Halloween, Book Tuber Benjamin of Tomes will be reading live and I recommend you tune in and watch! You can watch it here! 



- Abigail x
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