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September Favourites!

So now that it is the first day of October I felt it was necessary to do a favourites post. September was the beginning of the school year and so I was buying lots of new things ready for a fresh start. Because this is my little space on the internet I thought that I would share them all with you!
The first item on my favourites list is this notebook. Taking notes is essential while in class, but I hate the boring books they give you at school in plain Jane colours. So when I was searching the web I came across a website called The Works. This is a website that sells cheap books and art supplies. I found this notebook in the sale for only £2 instead of £8 and fell in love. It looks a lot like a Cath Kidston one that I used to own but a lot cheaper! 

 Another thing that I have loved this month is the Benefit Air Patrol. I received a sample of this in the post and couldn't wait to try it out. Let me tell you... it is practically cement when it comes to keeping eyeshadow on. The shadow doesn't crease and lasts for a long time! I will do a full review of this in the future but for now I’ll leave you with that.

 Another thing I have loved which may seem kind of weird to you is a scent of deodorant. The sure women sense in Bright Bouquet has such a floral scent it reminds me of summer. I like this in the autumn time because it contradicts the crisp morning air and is just so refreshing?! The deodorant itself is long lasting especially after a Zumba class first thing on a Monday morning!

 Another thing that I have loved is the Make-Up Revolution Lipstick inthe shade Mystify. I was drawn into the brand after seeing Beautybythebunny post endless pictures on Instagram (which I love to see!). I didn't realise how cheap this brand of make-up was! Obviously because of the low price I was rather sceptical but it is just as pigmented as I would find an L’Oréal or even some of my Mac Lipsticks. The only downside is that it doesn't last as long.

 Now that it is officially winter I have given in and purchased a winter coat. I was shopping online with my mum when I came across this coat and instantly fell in love. The inside is lined completely with fur which is extremely snug! The fur is removable which is perfect for the days when it is slightly warmer or I am wearing more layers. The coat was purchased from Oasis and I have to say it is the best coat I’ve ever owned.
 Talking of online shopping I have recently discovered a new website called! This website is a market place full of over 500 boutiques and shops found all across the world. There is shops from over 30 different countries... it’s like visiting them all through a laptop screen! There are boutiques to suit everyone from Make-up to fitness to clothes to fashion to home décor... you name it, they probably have it. My favourite store that I have found on there so far is called Lotta Gift and they sell adorable candles in jars that have the most amazing scents. I have just ordered the hot chocolate one ready for autumn! And Popmap is so much better than just popping into your local shop, it’s much more personal. Because it is all over the world you can experience the different aspects people in that country love, as well as catching onto new fashion trends early!
 My final favourite of the month is of course the Great British Bake off. This is a T-v show aired on BBC one on a Wednesday evening 8pm-9pm. I find the T-v show has a lot of inspiration towards me because I am constantly baking. I bake every week at school as well as quite a few weekends whether its cookies to crème Brule. My favourite to win this year was Flora... but she left last night! I found that the way she cooked and her creativity was something that I just loved!  
I hope you have enjoyed my September favourites, leave a comment below, about what you have loved!
-Abigail x
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