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Today I'm Me Wish List!*

Hellooo lovelies!
Today I thought I would create a blog post on something that is a bit different?! Everyone loves to shop; it’s as simple as that! The only problem I have at the minute is I’m trying to save spending money for my holiday at the end of the month.... I keep seeing things I want and then it ends up in me buying it, loving it yet still regretting it!
Basically I decided to write a wish list. If you don't know what this is it’s basically a list of things that I would like! The shop I’ve chosen to do this on is called 'Today I'm Me.' Before I even talk about how much I love the bags, the name of the shop is so simple yet extremely creative and I love it so much! It’s talking out how you can express yourself through a bag by being yourself!
The first bag I would really like is the Monochrome Me Tote. This bag is made up of black and white which to you may seem boring in a bag but I love the two together! I think that if you had on an outfit of say black jeans but a bright yellow top for example this would go perfectly!  You can wear this bag many ways like on your shoulder or the crease of your elbow joint... (Is that a thing?!) You can shop the bag here! 

The second bag I really like is the Colour Me Neon Pink Shoulder Bag, from the colour me collection. I love the pops of pink against the white and black! I think this would add quite a lot of colour to any outfit. This is my favourite style of bag because you can wear it in many ways. It can be worn on your shoulder or you can remove the straps and use it as a clutch bag! You can shop the bag here!
The third and final bag I would really like is from the new collection that is released later this year. It is currently available to pre-order but I love the quirky design! The black and the white is illusion just like he collection is named. My favourite from the new collection is the Illusion Clutch. I love how if it was paired with such a simple outfit it would add a complex look into it or even a sense of character, due to the colours combining together. You can shop the bag here!
 What is your favourite style of bag? Do you have a shop you always go to, to buy bags?
Leave a comment below and let me know!!
- Abigail x

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