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Hellooo Lovelies,
Last night I was casually scrolling through my twitter when I saw a fellow blogger create a post like this! I decided then that maybe I should create a post about the Bloggers & You-Tuber's I have been loveing! I always discover new people from the people I already interact with, so it might give you some ideas.
Of course to kick it of there has to be the queen of blogging Inthefrow's Victoria. I have read Victoria’s blog now for 2 years and I have seen her develop and become somewhat of an more amazing person everyday. To me she is extremely inspirational, one of the many reasons I started my blog was because I loved the way in which Victoria wrote about almost anything and everything creating different images in my mind. It was just… I have no other words but stimulating… (I used the word inspiring too much so had to find more of a complex word) I know that Victoria is never going to see this but if she does I just want to say thank you for motivating, me to create my space on the internet because it is the best thing I have ever done, and created so many memories and experiences that I have thoroughly enjoyed. 
The blog Vanilladrops I found during a twitter chat a few weeks ago. I then started to talk to her and stalking her blog. The pictures on her blog are so pretty and well taken they are how I wish my photos looked! I feel like I need to spread this girl around more because she is overall an amazing blogger who not only takes good photos but always has such a well written post that is structured beautifully.  
Katiereidx is a blog by a girl named Katie. I met Katie on twitter over a year ago and we started to chat. We grew ever so close but then drifted apart until a few months ago. I was talking to Katie one evening when she declared that she wanted to start a blog. She did and ever since then I have loved it. Her writing flows ever so well and some of the things that she writes about make me smile and feel so appreciated… I suppose I’m including her also because she is one of my best friends who makes me laugh every day and gives me idea’s like this to keep up my blog when I have writers block!
You tubers:
Hannah Renée is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever seen. She can create any make-up look yet still looking flawless. Her videos are edited together with such fluency that it seems like one whole clip. I have watched Hannah for quite a while now and I always look forward to when she uploads.
I discovered Fabulous Hannah through Gabby (Velvetgh0st). She was raving about Hannah and I obviously wanted to check it out. If you are sad go and switch on one of her videos because she cracks me up, whether I’m sad or angry she will literally brighten my day. I think that Hannah deserves so many more subscribers than she already has.
I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different blogpost! Comment below your favourite bloggers or you tubers so I can go check them out. Also comment if you have ever watched/read any of the amazing people listed above!


-Abigail x




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