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Hellooo lovelies!
As many of you know (if you follow me on twitter) I am currently doing my mocks of the mocks at school. So this means a lot of revision. One key thing to do when revising is to take regular breaks... for me that is every 2 minutes but everyone else it’s probably every 2 hours. I am always tempted to play on my phone when I have a spare minute and so I thought I would share with you an app that I think is so fun to play! 
The app is called House of Twits and it is inspired by Roald Dahls book The Twits. You start of by being Mrs Twit until you get to level nine then you can have Mr Twit. You basically spend your time tormenting the characters pulling out their eyeballs dangling from the ceiling, knocking their walking stick out of their hands.  
I find the game so amusing it constantly makes me laugh! My favourite thing is dangling Mrs Twit from the ceiling because the way she sqeals just cracks me up!
You can watch the trailer of the app below:

If you like the look of the game then you can download it by clicking here!
The app costs £2.99 but is totally worth it!
What is your favourite app to play on your phone?
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