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Little Stars by Jaqueline Wilson Review*


Hellooo lovelies! 

As many of you know I love to read, it is a commonly occurring theme in my blog posts to see a book review pop up! Today I am reviewing the book Little Stars by Jaqueline Wilson. The other night I had a power cut for a good couple of hours, so with no Wi-Fi as a distraction I lighted up my Christmas candles and started to read!

The book Little Stars fits into the Hetty Feather collection. In the series at the beginning you learn about Hetty Feather who she is and the struggles she has had to go with. You follow her on an adventure through tears and laughter until she ends up at the circus. Hetty then meets Diamond, a beautiful young girl with blonde curly hair. They become not only the best of friends but also like sisters.

Anyway in the book Little Stars Hetty and Diamond have had enough of Tanglefields travelling circus, but both have nowhere to go. So they embark on an adventure, escaping the circus. They travelled by a penny farthing, diamond standing on Hetty’s shoulders. On their journey they stop in a little town to stay overnight. Camped out in the doorway of a shop Hetty and Diamond sleep, but with one eye open in case anybody came near them. Woken up by the early bustle of the market, they begin to panic as a man starts to approach them. Hetty is quickly up, scared that he will take Diamond, however he is like a long lost uncle to them and takes them for breakfast. After a hearty breakfast they set off once again on their journey.

Arriving at the Cavalcade hall (Their final destination) Hetty finds a poster outside… with Bertie’s name on it. If you don’t know who Bertie is he is from a previous book and was Hetty’s sweetheart. Hetty and Diamond quickly become the Little Stars of Mrs Ruby's show, alongside many creative and different acts – including, of course Bertie… Hetty’s Bertie.

However the Cavalcade proves a dangerous place and Hetty must fight to protect Diamond, who longs for a normal childhood which she has never had. Of course Hetty has some trouble in the department of love and can’t decide whether she has feelings for Bertie or Jem. (Jem is from a previous book and was Hetty’s first ever love.)The one thing Hetty is trying to concentrate on is making Diamond and herself, be the best Little Stars.

Will Hetty and Diamond become the next big stars of the Cavalcade... or maybe the stars of somewhere extravagant? To find out I guess you’ll have to read the book! You can purchase the book here!

Jaqueline Wilson is an outstanding author. As a young girl I used to constantly have one of her books glued to my side. One Christmas I remember receiving a writing kit made by Jaqueline filled with tips on how to be an author myself. Let’s just say it got to about ten chapters in and the most exciting thing was the main character had broken her pencil. I guess I’m not destined to write amazing books!

Who is your current favourite author? What books have you loved recently?

-Abigail x
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