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Hellooo Lovelies!
So the other day on twitter I asked for people to tweet me any questions they have and I will answer them in a blog post! Here goes....
When I first saw this tweet I laughed to myself about how unfit I am.. But then I thought about it and I realised that actually I do walk 2 miles to school and home from school 5 times a week. On top of that I am constantly running upstairs and from one side of the school to another, so I do a lot of walking! I guess it helps when keeping fit because I am also a very fast walker. All my friends are constantly telling me to slow down. I guess with confidence about my body I have learnt that everyone is different and we are all special in our own ways. We just have to embrace our flaws and learn to treat them as something special, because not everyone has the same as me.
Maisie Maisie Maisie... the greatest thing about Maisie Wiltshire is that she has amazing taste in friends obviously (have you seen how fab I am gosh!). Of course you have great taste in books. Anyway... Maisie was new in my year at school and I didn't know her at first. Then the other day she DM'd me on twitter and we started to chat and I learnt how funny and kind she is. I speak to Maisie 24/7 now and it just shows how the internet can bring people together!
Because I am rather strange I love spending time with my family when everyone is happy. I feel like it is such a special day when you have a caring family around. Oh and also all the Christmas films, mince pies, Christmas pudding and MULLED WINE (non-alcoholic of course!).
I was saying to my mum the other day that I would love to go to Norway and see the northern lights. I think that it would be a truly magical trip. It would be so breathtakingly aesthetic (using my descriptive language from my English course work!). One day I’d defiantly like to go.
One beauty product that I love at the minute would have to be Mac's Matte Lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy. I picked this up back in October when in Florida after my friend Olivia recommended it. The colour suits anybody. It is a subtle brown/purple colour that is stunning. I love to wear it with a golden brown Smokey eye!
My favourite film is either Miss Congeniality or Big Hero Six. I love them both for completely different reasons! I love Baymax in Big hero six he is such a hilarious character that I would love to have in my life. I bet he gives good hugs. Also the fact he turns into a heater sounds great in this horrible English weather we have. But then again I love the whole concept of Miss Congeniality were she is a tom-boy cop whose life is turned upside down when she is entered into a pageant to solve a mystery.
This question I was um-ing and arr-ing the answer to. I did Blogmas last year and I was actually quite proud of it not going to lie! This year I was thinking of doing a blog post every day but a chatty one on the first and then alternating days between opening a door on my benefit calendar and sharing with you what’s inside? I thought that this would be a good idea for those who don't have a beauty calendar and are considering it next year and also to see more benefit products! 
I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! If you could only use one make-up product for the rest of your life which would it be? 
-Abigail x
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