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14th: Winchester Christmas Market! *Blogmas 2015*


Hello lovelies!

So because I’m rather strange as many of you know, I was washing my hair in the shower about 5 minutes ago contemplating what I should do on today’s blog post when it hit me! I decided to do a day out with Abigail!
A few weekends ago now my American family were over to see everybody and buy British Christmas presents of course and see/go to different British places. Around Christmas time everybody loves to go and drink mulled wine, freezing their bottoms off while trailing around the stalls.
Winchester Christmas market which is where I went was, in the grounds of Winchester cathedral, so it had a beautiful setting. We got some mulled wine and started the walk around.
For an early Sunday morning it was rather busy, but that didn't bother us. As well as mulled wine we also got some caramelized nuts. These are officially my favourite nuts now. The flavour was incredible it is like so sweet then nutty and it is like I can’t even describe. AMAZING.
I also picked up some chilli jam which is the best thing in the world!

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into my day out, leave a comment below if you have ever been to a Christmas market!

-Abigail x
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