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16th: Sixth Form?! *Blogmas 2015*


Hello Lovelies,

Blogmas is obviously meant to be about things around the Christmas period and Christmassy fun. But if you are around my age or younger then it is still filled up with school! One thing that my age group will be doing is applying to sixth forms and going for interviews. I have now been to two and both have been incredibly eye opening. I then thought why not share some information with you, it might help or you might sweep it under the carpet… either way I don’t mind!

My one top tip would be don’t follow your friends. I applied to 4 different sixth forms so that I had a wide range and the one I am most interested in none of my friends are going to. I want to get my head down and concentrate on my education because those friends aren’t going to be there every second of your life and I feel like I need to grow and become more independent.

Another thing that I would say is pick something that is reasonably close. What I mean is if you live in London don’t apply to one in Scotland because you will have to travel every day. Obviously you wouldn’t but what I mean is don’t pick somewhere an hour and a half away when somewhere twice as good may be 30 minutes away. The further the distance the more it is going to cost you to go back and forth.

Finally I would also say when you go for your interview be yourself. When filling out the application form make sure you write down anything interesting or different that you might do compared to others. This helps you to stand out. When you are asked questions make sure you take a second to think of an answer, before rushing into it. By rushing you may stumble on your words or confuse yourself, I would find this more embarrassing than if I had taken 2 or so seconds to think about what I had wanted to say.

Let me know below in the comments if you have any tips for others or if you just want to share anything!

-Abigail x

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