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17th: My One Hundredth Blog Post!!! *blogmas 2015*


Hello lovelies!

Today is my 100th blogpost. I can't quite believe this.

Over the past year I have set my self a lot of goals. Goals which to many people are silly, unachievable... however you want to view it. Yet to me, these goals are what have powered me. By believing in myself, pushing myself to get there I wouldn't be in the position I am today. Not only in school but online, here on my blog.

One major thing in my eyes this year was re-branding my blog, changing it from what now seems cringey,  to something more personal. I put myself out there and put a face to my blog. I didn’t really like to tell people about my space on the internet before because I was embarrassed by what I did. Then when I finally did  and I started doing incredible things this year, I never imagined I would ever have the chance to do.

If you have read my blog for a while then you will know of the incredible opportunities I've had. I’m not trying to brag by telling you this in any shape or form, but I’m so unbelievably proud of myself I couldn’t help it. This year I was able to work with some incredible brands and companies such as nickelodeon, so…? Fragrance, Ahava beauty, Glad Skin and work with some incredible authors such as Sophie Kinsella, Jaqueline Wilson, Holly Smale, Katarina West as well as many more.

This year’s achievements don’t stop here though… I have also written pieces on other websites such as My absolute favourite memory of this year was when I was allowed the opportunity to write an article on teen life for a magazine. A MAGAZINE. One of those things everybody reads. I can’t quite believe any of this has happened to me. How many 15 year olds do you know whom have done this alongside their last year of school?

I wanted to write this blog post to thank every single person who reads my blog, comments, favourites my tweets, you name it… All of these things make me smile. Knowing that I have support behind me in what I do makes me feel so warm and bubbly inside.

When I’m having a bad day I can log onto my computer and see a sweet comment or email from someone that has viewed my blog. I can’t sum up into words how insane this year was, I’m just forever eternally grateful.

Thank you.

-Abigail x

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