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22nd: I tried to give some sort of advice? *Blogmas 2015*

So I was watching a film on Netflix until 1am last night (well really this morning) and it really got me thinking. 

You can't let anyone dictate your life. They shouldn't be making your decisions for you it should be entirely you. If there is one thing that you want to do but someone else wants you to do the opposite, what will you do? Do what you want. If in you it feels right go for it. No one should stop you. 

It's like picking whether to have an apple or an orange. Say your mother wanted you to have an apple but you wanted an orange. What would you go for?

I just sat and thought to myself, that you only have one life. Make every decision that has the outcome you want. Everyone else can make their own decisions. They can dictate their own lives, but they should not yours. 

I just wanted you to think about it and realise if there was one decision you have made recently, was it down to you wanting that to be the answer, or did someone else do it for you. 

What one decision would you change? I know a few that I would happily go back on. 

Live your life the way you want to, not how others want it to be. 

I'm just rambling sorry!!

- Abigail x

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