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2nd: Meeting Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee! *Blogmas 2015*

Hello lovelies!

Today is the second of December and I wanted to talk about something that happened on Sunday the 29th of November. I was going to do this on an extra side post but then I thought why not include it in Blogmas!
So on Sunday the 29th of November I ventured into reading with my best-friend Amy! We of course got a McDonalds and headed towards HMV. Here I met my other friend Jess and we joined the queue. I was extremely excited by this point which you can probably imagine.
Everything was going well until it decided that now was a good time to rain. So now we were not only queuing in the cold but also the rain. After queuing for 3 hours we finally got inside into the warm.   
Inside there was a buzzing feeling amongst everyone. Another 20 minutes wait and we are extremely close to the front, at this point everyone is screaming because Caspar is running past to go for a wee! If you have me on snapchat then you would have seen this!
Anyway... it finally got to my turn to go and hug Joe and Caspar. I won’t bore you with our conversation (even though to me it is extremely special) but I will leave you with the cute pictures that we took! I love the silly one especially because Joe was oinking (is that a word?!) during the picture!
I just want to say an incredibly huge thank you to the boys for an amazing day. I absolutely loved meeting you as well as making new friends. Keep doing what you’re doing because you are amazing at it.


Thank you so much for tuning into Blogmas day 2, I hope you enjoyed it! My question to you is if you could meet anyone who would it be?
-Abigail x
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