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12th: Books I want to Read in 2016?! *Blogmas 2015*

Hello lovelies,

So now that it is only 13 days till Christmas I’m already thinking of the New Year. I know I’m ‘wishing my life away’ as everyone says but I want next year over but to also never end. Of course next year I have my exams which I am incredibly nervous about already... I can’t stop thinking about them.

But I also don't want next year to end. By taking exams it means embarking on a new adventure to sixth form. That in my mind I was thinking about my New Years resolution's and seeing as I want to be more prepared I decided to plan now. 
If you know me you know that I love to read books. So one of my goals is to read 100 books. I have constructed a list from various different websites and now I can't wait for the year to begin. 

One of the websites I used was the BBC because they have a Big Read top 100! The link is below!

If you could only read one book for the rest of your life what would it be and why? Leave a comment below!

-Abigail X

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