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Guest Post: Top Tips for Winter Skin Care!

Icy temperatures, whipping winds, and tropical heating, can wreak havoc on your skin during winter months. Take a look at these five skin care tips to avoid dryness and redness, and get the skin as smooth and as soft as ever. They should do the trick until the temperatures begin to rise again.

1. Keep showers short.

There is nothing like a long hot shower on a cold morning, or after you have spent time outside in the cold. As tempting as it may be, you should do your best to keep those showers at 10 minutes or less, limit them to once a day, and keep the water mid to lukewarm. Warmth affects the outmost layer of your skin, the epidermis, which serves two purposes. It protects you from the environment AND it helps your skin retain moisture. In order to retain moisture, the epidermis produces oil, which creates a protective barrier on the skin. This oil barrier is melted and washed away with hot water. Moisture evaporates from the skin more easily and it soon leads to dryness and itchiness.

2. Wear SPF. 

You are used to summer warnings about wearing sunscreen with a high SPF, but these warning also apply to winter. Even on a cloudy and rainy day, UV rays penetrate the clouds and can affect your skin. So you need to be protected all year round. The damage caused by overexposure to sun ranges from discoloration and dryness of the skin, to wrinkles and skin cancer. Did you know that over 80% of visible aging signs are due to the so called photo aging? By wearing sunscreen whenever you leave the house, regardless of the weather, you will prevent premature aging.

3. Use organic skin care products.

Winter weather conditions are harsh enough on your skin, so why would you want to make things even worse? Once the temperatures drop, switch to milder skin care products. Although it may not seem like it, cold winter air is extremely dry. That is why moisturization is particularly important. You should moisturize more often and to avoid irritating your skin with aggressive products, use organic face moisturisers. They are made of completely natural ingredients that cause no allergies or other irritation to your skin.

4. Eat your way to glowing skin

What you eat reflects on your complexion. The key vitamins and minerals that will get you a radiant complexion are vitamin A, which can be found in sweet potato, carrot, egg yolk, and fish oil. It promotes the formation of new cells and preserves the youthful look. Second on the list is vitamin B, abundant in soy and whole grain products, which keeps the skin smooth and supple. Thanks to vitamin C, eating citrus fruits, cauliflower, tomatoes, and strawberries, your skin will remain elastic. Zinc is vital for healing of scars and wounds. Get it from sunflower seeds, seafood, red meat, cheese, and mushrooms. Blueberries, raspberries, goji berries, and acai berries, are strong anti-oxidant foods, just like green tea and raw cacao.

5. Drink plenty of water

To sum up the first four tips, the key to glowing complexion during winter is rehydration. Dehydrated skin looks dull and scaly. This can be avoided by drinking plenty of water. If you cannot drink two litres of plain water a day, flavour it with freshly squeezed citrus fruits. Or make yourself a cup of green tea. Just do not replace water with eight cups of winter’s favourite beverages – hot chocolate and mulled wine.
Do you have any secrets for winter skin care? Share them with us.

About the Author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne. Her passion is beauty and fashion and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course – shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.

Live Love Makeup Obsession London Review!*


 Hello Lovelies,

So todays post is going to be a review of s few products by Live Love Makeup Obsession London. A little while ago I was lucky to come home and see a parcel arrive from them containing a few goodies. Live Love Makeup Obsession London is a new brand on the market which has come into BHS Stores.

Top row!

Middle Row!

Bottom Row!

The Love your eyes palette has to be my favourite product that I received. There is a variety of colours ranging from warm browns to dark greys and purples. Most of the colours had good pigmentation apart from the gold shade in the top row. I loved the look of the bottom right hand colour however it did have a lot of fall out. Apart from those few minor issues I really loved the other colours. The purples weren't too bright which is something I hate when I try to blend them out. Also the colours on the far left can be used in the inner corner or even as a cheekbone highlight. Mentioning blending all of the colours can easily be blended out from the crease to make a smoky look or even along the top lash line for a definition. I guess its a bonus that I love the simple monochrome packaging because I feel like it has more of an effect than a brightly coloured palette.

The lipstick is the perfect nude pink. It is very moisturising once on the lips. The colour is pigmented for the first 2 or so hours however I found it started to fade away and it wasn't there after about 4 hours. But when the lipstick was first applied I loved it.

The body spray I have been carrying in my school bag and taking out with me because I always love to put some more on after pe or just in class! Everyone has been asking what it is and where can they get it because it smells so good! The smell (you know I'm awful) is fruity but musky. I don't know how to describe it but its good okay. Just smell it next time you are in store and you will agree with me! Also the bottle is perfectly sized!

The volume spray I was feeling a bit sceptical about because I wasn't sure if it would work. But I was completely wrong. When I have my natural curls they are big and have tons of volume but as soon as I straighten them out my hair is super flat. I first tried the spray in dry hair and it worked a bit like hairspray that was workable. It didn't make my hair wet causing it to curl up, it helped hold the straightness (is that a word?!). I then tried the damp hair, style and blow dry. This worked in a different way to before. This made all of my hair seem thicker and have twice as much volume than before. It also made sure the product was distributed a lot more evenly. If you want to just have your roots seem not so flat then go in when your hair is dry, if not after you wash it!

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I tried to be honest and say how I truly felt instead of dazzle up the product. But overall I was really impressed with the makeup and sprays! I would recommended these to anybody who is just trying out makeup and wants to start trying new colours and the spray... well everyone needs it!

-Abigail x

Drugstore Dark Lip and Subtle eye!


Hello Lovelies,

So today I thought that I would create a make-up look with products I only bought from the drugstore. I bought most of these from boots and Superdrug but some are from Walmart!

The foundation I used was the MUA Matte Perfection in the shade fair. This foundation not only has a high coverage but it also isn't heavy on the skin. I would recommend this foundation to anyone who sometimes has oily skin and it comes through their foundation. I hardly need to top up my powder throughout the day.

I also used the Sleek blush in Pomegranate, which is a gorgeous pinky purple shade. The colour is highly pigmented and it also illuminates the cheeks.

I love to contour my face no matter what. I love to have more definition. I use this bronzer all the time every day and it is the Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder Medium 51. I always talk about this product in all my make-up tutorials but it truly is amazing. It is so easy to darken as well as blend out.

I am one who loves to fill in her brows even if it was to walk to Tesco. I think they are one of the main features people notice on others now and I'm always cautious to go out without them on! I used the Barry M Shape and Define Brow kit. I love the fact that this comes with a powder, wax and highlighter. I mainly use the powder because I find that the wax is too dark however if I want more of a defined look I will use a tiny bit of wax but just really blend it out. The highlighter from this pallet I not only applied on my eyebrow bone but also on the tops of my cheeks!

The Powder I used was the Natural Collection Pressed Powder in the shade Warm. The powder itself feels very light on the skin and for only about £2 it was a lot better than expected. It didn't last for much longer than 4 hours but for around two pounds you can’t go wrong!

On my eyes I used the Maybelline Blushed nudes palette which I picked up from Walmart back in October. I was struggling to find it in the UK but when I saw they had it I couldn't resist (I have since seen it in boots!). I took the Pinky shimmer shade and applied this all over my lid, making sure to create an even base. Then I took a warm brown tone that has silver flecks in it and blended this through my crease. This helps with the definition of the eye and allows it to stand out more. Then I just took a little bit of the white on the tip of my brush and blended this into my inner corner.

For mascara I used a product that I picked up in the states which is the Elf 3-in-1 Mascara Lengthen, Define & Volume. I love the overall finish of the look with this mascara but I do not like the brush. It has a circular ball on one end and the rest is sort of wavy. I think this just over complicates the application. But at the end the mascara does look good!

On my lips I used the Maybelline ColourSensational 435 Plum Perfect. The lipstick itself is very moisturising and gives a shiny look to your lips. It does look slightly redder than it does in the packaging but I quite like this because it makes it stand out more than a dark purple. The lipstick is very pigmented and lasted for around 12 hours which was after food, drinking and chewing endlessly on pens. I am now struggling to find this colour anywhere online or in-store it has disappeared of the face of the earth?!

The finished look is below!

I hope you have enjoyed my post about this make-up look and if you have then feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me! While I'm writing this I also want to apologise for the one post a week at the minute I am just preparing for my GCSEs and obviously school has to come first, sorry!

-Abigail x



Incase anybody was wondering I used the Canon 1200d.

D.I.Y 2015 Pin board!


Hello lovelies!

I hope you have been enjoying 2016 so far! Today’s post is going to be on something I haven't done in a while and that is a D.I.Y post! My first ever D.I.Y post I showed you how to customise your house key and it was ever so simple. Well todays post is as simple as that. So long as you have what you need then it is simple! I'm going to show you a way to personalise your bedroom with memories of 2015! I always see these ideas floating around so I wanted to create my own!

I simply went online and ordered a pin board, drawing pins (rainbow coloured of course), photos and a quote! They are all linked if you click on the name but if not wait till the end.

I started by spreading out my photos and quote in the areas that I thought they looked best. I used pictures that looked like Polaroids and I ordered them off an app on my iPhone called LALALAB. It was simple to use and you just uploaded the photos from your camera roll. I paid 22p per photo which could have writing added so I thought that was really good! If you didn't want to use Polaroid styled photos then you can use normal 6x4!

Then I obviously added in the pins and neatened up the pictures.

And I had created a cute pin board of my memories of 2015. I'm going to hang this on my wall above my dressing table so I always see it and then add some fairy lights over the top because it makes my room feel all cosy!

You can also add any other memoirs you may have of 2015. I might add tickets from concerts or important notices!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and leave a comment below if you try creating your own pin board or tweet me @_abigailjessica!

Pin Board:

-Abigail x

Whole Primark Outfit For Under £25!



Hello Lovelies!

I ventured out of my bed a few days ago to go and explore the after Christmas sales. I couldn’t find anything I liked in Topshop or River Island so I thought I would have a look in Primark. I always pick up the basics in Primark like vest tops and pyjamas. But I found some bargains!

My dress wasn’t in the sale but it was only £10! I thought this was a bargain so I picked it up. The colour is a dark grey which has been washed out with white and lighter grey bits. When I’ve bought dresses from Primark before they always are a bit see-through but this dress wasn’t at all. The style of the dress is a polo neck swing dress.
I also picked up some shoes. I was looking for some fake Chelsea boots if you like because I didn’t want to splash out on some and then not like them! However I found these first and fell in love! They were supposed to be £18 but were £12 in the sale. The bottom of the boot is rigid and they have a slight chunky heel. The laces it comes with are black and white vertical stripes. This matches my dress perfectly! The only thing I will say is they came up rather large so instead of a 6 I bought a 5!
The socks I’m wearing are the cutest things I have ever seen. THEY HAVE EARS OKAY. My mum picked these out for me at Christmas. It came in a pack of three with some normal trainer socks with owls on them. I believe they would have cost £2.50 because that’s the average price in Primark but I’m not too sure as they were a gift.
Obviously I can’t link the products because you have to go in-store to Primark!
I hope you have enjoyed this outfit post! IF you want to know what make-up I’m wearing then feel free to comment below and let me know and I will do so!
Also thank you so much to Lauren for taking the photos on my Canon 1200D with the 50-300mm lens! 
Laurens blog:
Laurens Channel:

-Abigail x

Goodbye 2015...Hello 2016!

Hello Lovelies,

(Before I started my post I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy New Year and good luck for 2016!)

Well.. I don’t really know how to start this post. I was going to talk about the achievements and incredible opportunities I’ve had in 2015 and then I remembered I did a blogpost about it during Blogmas. So I you want to read that then you can do so here! Anyway todays blog post is something I wrote when I was tired and probably should have slept because it was 3am but I wanted to write while everything was on my mind and felt fresh if you know what I mean!? Anyway… enjoy!

Sometimes you want to put your head in a pillow and scream and cry. Sometimes you type out a whole text but don't send it because you hate having arguments. Sometimes you wish you could speak the truth without everything around you coming crashing down.

I'm sat here after a New Year's Eve party still in my coat and dress thinking to myself about what 2016 holds for me (basically I’m panicking because I’m going to be so screwed). I will do my GCSEs. I will go to sixth form. Plus… I turn 16 in a few days.

Everything kind of came crashing down around me and I realised the truth. This year basically dictates the rest of my life. Everyone says ‘New Year New Me’. It's that cringed thing you put on your Facebook page or something. But I've decided that will happen. I know that if I write down my New Year’s resolutions in one place where anyone can view it then I can't go back.

So here goes...

1. I'm not giving people second chances, if you blow it, you've blown it.
2. I will try my hardest in my exams and push myself to hopefully exceed the target grades my school and I have set.
3. I’m not letting people dictate my life. It's my life not yours.
4. I need to stop trying to change who I am to fit in. Everybody is different in their own special way.

I know to you these might seem silly but I really want to do this. To me they are things I need to remember and tell myself every day.

If you have any resolutions leave them in the comments I’d love to read them! Happy new year once again!

p.s This is my step any closer and I'll kill you face :)

-Abigail x

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