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Live Love Makeup Obsession London Review!*


 Hello Lovelies,

So todays post is going to be a review of s few products by Live Love Makeup Obsession London. A little while ago I was lucky to come home and see a parcel arrive from them containing a few goodies. Live Love Makeup Obsession London is a new brand on the market which has come into BHS Stores.

Top row!

Middle Row!

Bottom Row!

The Love your eyes palette has to be my favourite product that I received. There is a variety of colours ranging from warm browns to dark greys and purples. Most of the colours had good pigmentation apart from the gold shade in the top row. I loved the look of the bottom right hand colour however it did have a lot of fall out. Apart from those few minor issues I really loved the other colours. The purples weren't too bright which is something I hate when I try to blend them out. Also the colours on the far left can be used in the inner corner or even as a cheekbone highlight. Mentioning blending all of the colours can easily be blended out from the crease to make a smoky look or even along the top lash line for a definition. I guess its a bonus that I love the simple monochrome packaging because I feel like it has more of an effect than a brightly coloured palette.

The lipstick is the perfect nude pink. It is very moisturising once on the lips. The colour is pigmented for the first 2 or so hours however I found it started to fade away and it wasn't there after about 4 hours. But when the lipstick was first applied I loved it.

The body spray I have been carrying in my school bag and taking out with me because I always love to put some more on after pe or just in class! Everyone has been asking what it is and where can they get it because it smells so good! The smell (you know I'm awful) is fruity but musky. I don't know how to describe it but its good okay. Just smell it next time you are in store and you will agree with me! Also the bottle is perfectly sized!

The volume spray I was feeling a bit sceptical about because I wasn't sure if it would work. But I was completely wrong. When I have my natural curls they are big and have tons of volume but as soon as I straighten them out my hair is super flat. I first tried the spray in dry hair and it worked a bit like hairspray that was workable. It didn't make my hair wet causing it to curl up, it helped hold the straightness (is that a word?!). I then tried the damp hair, style and blow dry. This worked in a different way to before. This made all of my hair seem thicker and have twice as much volume than before. It also made sure the product was distributed a lot more evenly. If you want to just have your roots seem not so flat then go in when your hair is dry, if not after you wash it!

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I tried to be honest and say how I truly felt instead of dazzle up the product. But overall I was really impressed with the makeup and sprays! I would recommended these to anybody who is just trying out makeup and wants to start trying new colours and the spray... well everyone needs it!

-Abigail x

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  1. I stopped by at BHS in Wolverhampton and got one for myself. Must say its a really nice product and colours are superb as it more natural than look artificial when you wear them. Where else can one get to buy iy now the BHS has closed down?


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