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Whole Primark Outfit For Under £25!



Hello Lovelies!

I ventured out of my bed a few days ago to go and explore the after Christmas sales. I couldn’t find anything I liked in Topshop or River Island so I thought I would have a look in Primark. I always pick up the basics in Primark like vest tops and pyjamas. But I found some bargains!

My dress wasn’t in the sale but it was only £10! I thought this was a bargain so I picked it up. The colour is a dark grey which has been washed out with white and lighter grey bits. When I’ve bought dresses from Primark before they always are a bit see-through but this dress wasn’t at all. The style of the dress is a polo neck swing dress.
I also picked up some shoes. I was looking for some fake Chelsea boots if you like because I didn’t want to splash out on some and then not like them! However I found these first and fell in love! They were supposed to be £18 but were £12 in the sale. The bottom of the boot is rigid and they have a slight chunky heel. The laces it comes with are black and white vertical stripes. This matches my dress perfectly! The only thing I will say is they came up rather large so instead of a 6 I bought a 5!
The socks I’m wearing are the cutest things I have ever seen. THEY HAVE EARS OKAY. My mum picked these out for me at Christmas. It came in a pack of three with some normal trainer socks with owls on them. I believe they would have cost £2.50 because that’s the average price in Primark but I’m not too sure as they were a gift.
Obviously I can’t link the products because you have to go in-store to Primark!
I hope you have enjoyed this outfit post! IF you want to know what make-up I’m wearing then feel free to comment below and let me know and I will do so!
Also thank you so much to Lauren for taking the photos on my Canon 1200D with the 50-300mm lens! 
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-Abigail x
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