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Blogger Interview - andlaurenanne

Hello Lovelies,

Previously I had the opportunity to interview the lovely author Katarina West (you can read that here!) and it was one of my favourite things to do. So I thought today why not change is up a bit and interview a fellow blogger.

andlaurenanne also known as Lauren, has recently changed her whole platform and layout, to something incredibly sophisticated and it looks incredible! I am so jealous of how it looks! Anyway I have known Lauren before she became a blogger and she is incredibly sweet! I feel like everyone needs to make sure they check out her blog after she has answered my questions!

1.       Share a fact with my blog readers that you think many others don’t know about you?

I suffer from chronic nightmare syndrome because of my anxiety.

2.       If you had to describe your blog in 5 words what would they be?

Important – Because it is an important part of me

Creative – I have recently re-designed my blog and I love the new layout!

Outlet – I love to write down my thoughts and ideas on a little space I call my own.

Personal – I can write whatever I want and no-one can stop me.

Profile – Shows who I am and what I love.

3.       What motivates you to write?

Abbie. Jokes. Trying new things and wanting to share it with everyone... Even if it goes wrong. Also when I’ve kept things in my head for a while and then need to let of some steam, I find it easier to just type away and put it all in a blog post. 

4.       What are your favourite posts to write?
Tips posts because they don’t have to be about anything in particular but I can share things I know work.
5.       If you could only ever use one product for the rest of your life which would it be from make-up, hair, skincare e.t.c?

Cleanser because I hate the feeling of my skin being dirty.

6.       What type of person would you visualise reading your blog?

Girls around my age… I’m not really sure who else would read it!

7.       What one thing can you not live without and why?

Make-up or friends… *insert cry laugh emoji here* both I love but in different ways.

8.       What advice would you give to any newbie bloggers?

I would say to make sure your pictures are of good quality and don’t give up!

9.       Who inspires you… day to day as well as in the blogging world?

Amelia Liana and Estee Lalonde. Both are huge inspirations to me, I have looked up to them for a long time.

10.   What can you see happening in the future for your blog?

I want to continue it for a long time but I don’t see it being a full time thing.

Thank you ever so much to Lauren who allowed me to interview her for today’s post! I hope you have enjoyed something slightly different! Her Links are below:


-Abigail x



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